Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Dress Live Chicken

I mentioned in my previous post that some prefer to buy live chicken for many reasons. They want the live chicken for guaranteed freshness and for economical reasons. Live chicken are cheaper than the dressed chicken but you have to learn how to dress chicken so you can opt to buy live ones. Here are steps in dressing a chicken:

1. Make an incision in the neck and collect the blood.
2. Wet the fowl, plunge the fowl into the boiling water until the whole body is immersed.
3. Remove all feathers by pulling them.
4. Singe or scorch the fowl over the fire to remove the pin feathers. Make sure that all the pin feathers are removed. Use a sharp pointed knife.
5. Cut off the head. The neck maybe removed by chopping it off.
6. Cut and break the legs at the joints.
7. Cut one inch above the vent and crosswise between the legs. Draw the entrails. Cut the liver, gizzard, and heart from the other organs. Cut the gall bladder carefully from the rest of the organs.
8. Remove the rough membrane around the gizzard and open it. Cut off the inner membrane and remove the sack inside.
9. Wash the giblets which include the liver, gizzard and the heart. Remove the lungs carefully from the hollow of the backbone.
10. Take out the windpipe and the crop. Cut the oil bag from the tail.
11. Wash the chicken carefully inside and out.
12. It is more practical to cut off the wings and legs before drawing the entrails for birds intended for stewing.

After dressing the chicken you can now prepare different chicken dishes you like. Remember that the white meat or tender meat of the chicken is taken from the breast. It is easy to digest. This is the meat of the chicken that is served to patients and invalids who are on a soft diet.


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