Friday, April 30, 2010

Taking Care of Your Clothes

You must form the habit of keeping, maintaining and taking good care of your clothes all the time. There are many ways that I learned from my Granny and Mom when I was young, those old-fashioned tips that proved to be so effective until now. Use moth repellents to prevent moths, cockroaches and silver fish from eating your clothes. Place moth balls in small cloth bags and hang them inside the clothes closet. Place moth balls also at inside corners of the cabinet. Air your clothes a few hours a day if kept in close containers.

If you want a good place for storage you should allot some spaces of your clothes closet for hanging clothes on one side, shelves for undergarments and drawers for accessories on one side. Your shoes and bags should also have a cabinet or if you want to save space you can use space-saver shoe trees. Well cared for clothes will give a well-groomed look, give durability and longer garment life and save money for the family because you’ll spend less when your clothes are well kept and maintained. So if you want additional budget for other expenses in the house start by keeping and taking good care of your clothes.


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