Thursday, June 17, 2010

Advantages of Preserving Foods

My Mom learned how to preserve foods on one of her food preservation course training in the former University of Life now known as Ultra. While she was studying she would always teach me their present lesson and made me preserve our own food in the house. I learned how to make tocino, longanisa, ham and other meat products.

Knowing how to preserve food has many advantages. You will have a constant supply of your family’s food throughout the year. You will not worry about foods in season because you can have them even when they are out of season. You can just preserve them and store so you’ll enjoy it anytime you want. It will also improve your finances because you can sell your preserved foods and add your earnings to family’s income. It can be a good home industry for your family and neighbors.

One good reason also food preservation are the prevention of perishable food waste, saving them for the shortage season, help in making the prices of foods stable because of availability, encouraging food production and the best of all is having your own home supply whenever you need them for emergency situations like typhoon, flood and other unexpected occurrences.

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