Monday, June 28, 2010

Equipment for Home Food Preservation

I’ve mentioned in my last post that one of the criteria in the success of preserving foods is checking your equipment and having it clean and ready before you start working. Well the success in food preservation depends on the equipment used. Here are the equipment that you will need when you want to do the methods of preserving food:

1) Weighing scales, thermometer and a watch for large scale preservations.
2) Other pieces of equipment like stainless knives, colander, trays, measuring cups and spoons, long-handles spoons, basins or bowls, jar lifter, jelly bag, boards, bottle brush, glass jars, blanching basket, plenty of towels.
3) Good jars with air tight sealed covers. The size of the jar should be determined by the amount of food to be preserved. It should be cleaned with soapy water and scalded. Choose jars with wide mouth for large fruits for easy arrangements of contents.
4) Vegetable brushes or gogo or isis leaves for cleaning and washing fruits and vegetables.
5) A deep broiler with well-fitted cover and rack for processing. Tin petroleum cans or big kettles provided with a cover and a homemade wire rack can be used.
6) A wire rack to place hot jars for cooking.


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