Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Excited Schoolers

Today is the opening of classes for all of my kids studying in 3 different schools and I’m so anxious because my eldest and youngest are both new to their schools. My eldest Ruth is a freshman now in Taytay United Methodist Christian School and my youngest kid Josh is into his Grade 1 in Little Jewels Christian School. Of course I don’t have to attend to Ruth because she’s a big girl now and Mommies are not allowed there lol! Anyway since Josh is not on his regular time now so I dropped by my daughter Gen’s school first.

Gen’s in Grade 6 now and her last year in her school where she started as Kinder II student. Time flies so fast, my thoughts flew back when my little girl graduated as Valedictorian in Kinder II and delivered her graduation oath. She was so young then just turned 6 two months before graduation and this school year she’ll graduate again to enter high school.

I almost ran the road back to my youngest as I have to be with him in school before 8am because we’ll be looking for his section and room. Parents are required to accompany young students up to their classroom to guide them. It turned out that cousin Matthew is his classmate to their happiness as they’re close to each other. SIL and I waited for the two since they’re only up to 10am for the first week. The excitement of my kids was immeasurable this day and I don’t know when that excitement will expire. Hope not!


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