Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fish Recipe : Adobong Tuna

Have featured this one on my other blog and this fish recipe is a rush recipe and because it's my first time to cook big tuna fish I relied on my experimental instincts lol! I did some simple steps on cooking it. Done it easily. I cut the fish into slices and boiled it slightly in garlic, vinegar, pepper and salt to remove the bad odor then I fried the slices and made fish adobo recipe.

I've put soy sauce, garlic, seasoning and drops of calamansi to give the lemony aroma and taste because tuna fish has some 'lansa' smell on it. Then my kids called it adobo tuna. Well my effort paid off when they praised it. They all loved it! It was our viand for the whole day. Know what? It taste like chicken :-)


Connie Luayon said...

I'd like to try this next time. What kind of tuna did you use? Canned or yellow fin? Also, when do you put the calamansi? Before or after cooking? Kasi based on my experience, pumapait yung fish kapag nilaglagyan ng kalamansi before cooking.

- Connie

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