Sunday, July 18, 2010

Packed Sandwiches

Sandwiches are common for packed snack and lunches. They are easy to prepare and easy to serve because they're served with wrappers. Cheese, egg, ham, chicken, tuna fish and burger patties are common fillings. Varied sandwich fillings help make sandwiches attractive and appealing to the appetite.

I love sandwiches and for me I can replace rice with it especially if there are yummy fillings on it. I remember my favorite sandwich store in PUP when I was in college they used to serve big pandesal with choices of spreads and fillings. They even have choices of menudo, asado and adobo as fillings. They have about 20 fillings to choose and that's super great for me. The name of their store is Popeye and I've never heard of that name again to surface except on chicken food chain. Anyway that was in my school days, now I like doing sandwiches for my kids but they're fond of hotdog and ham sandwiches. Sometimes they just want strawberry jam, cheese, mayonnaise and peanut butter depending on their moods.

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