Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stylish Curtain Ideas

I’ve mentioned window curtaining in my previous posts, its purpose and variance. My Mom was the one who really taught me about the differences of different types of curtains, the length for each type and what color to be used to enhance the room. She was a retired teacher and she handles various subjects in elementary schools but she’s the one who primarily supervise the home economics room. Yes she was my teacher too and believe me it’s hard when your Mom is your teacher because you have to be always alert and attentive in every topic that she discusses. Anyway she didn’t pressured me into anything I just took the responsibility to be the best in her class. My Dad would always tease me about it in our house and I’m glad I did my best, she’s proud of me.

Well during her time the choice of color and designs were conservative unlike now that curtain designs are more aggressive using all colors and designs they wish to. It’s part of the modern interior industry and when I look at the styles I must say I love it. I’ve been browsing for some curtain ideas for my MIL’s new house and look what I’ve found in


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