Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Kind of Coffee Girl Are You?

I'm a coffee lover and when I'm asked where's the best place to drink my coffee? Of course I love it anywhere anytime - while working, reading, watching tv, while watching the clothes on washer :-) while chatting - whenever, whatever! Just love it! It's obvious that I prefer my coffee anytime of the day in little bursts I may say!

I like my coffee with cream, sugar and sometimes with choco also! I can enjoy it simple or grand, plain or with creamy flavor like french vanilla, cappuchino, etc. Be it a home coffee or a Starbucks I love coffee to the max! For health reasons, I drink decaf more often than not!

Hey I've done this simple test about my favorite relaxing drink, here it goes:

You Are a Cappuccino

You're fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.
However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.
You are a total girly girly at heart - and prefer your coffee with good conversation.
You're the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please


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