Friday, June 1, 2012

Why You Need Food?

You don’t just eat your food because you like it but you must eat because food is important to keep you strong, healthy, and active. Good food increases your chance to succeed in life. It gives you energy to work and resistance to combat sickness. When you are healthy it is easier for you to realize your dreams and goals in life. I learned that your health depends on the kinds of food that you eat. You enjoy good health when you eat food rich in nutrients that your body needs. Once your body lacks these essential food nutrients, you suffer from ill health.

You need food to supply the normal processes of your body like beating of your heart, circulation of the blood, breathing, digestion, absorption of food, elimination of waste products and maintaining the normal temperature of the body. You’ll suffer from illness once you don’t supply your body with adequate food.

You also need food to make you grow in height and weight, to make your hair, muscles and bones grow and to repair the tissues and worn-out muscles in your body. When you become sick you’ll wear out tissues thus you’ll become thin and pale. There are other reasons why you need food and besides meeting the needs of your body you also need to eat adequate amount of food so it can give you an opportunity for exchange of ideas and pleasantries with family members during mealtime. Eating together and having companionship among members of the family at mealtimes gives you the feeling of satisfaction in daily living


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