Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying Out Old Snack Recipe

The long weekend holiday has brought my daughter Ruth and I to the kitchen more often because we experimented on snack recipes on my Mom’s old recipe book. When I mean old it’s really old as it dated back when I was in first grade in primary school. The book in its old age has already developed a light brownish color but it’s so precious to me. We tried another recipe of homemade pancakes because we run out of ready-made pancakes sold in boxes and we have stocks of flour, milk and butter. It was so fun working with my daughter who is showing so much interest in cooking just like me.

Anyway as we’re always in the kitchen I noticed that it needs a renovation as the tiles are showing some minor damages. We also need to replace the faucets with a new one and I want something like that of Kohler kitchen faucets I saw yesterday. I like my kitchen clean, neat and organized because that’s where I always work and stay. I also believe that the place where you prepare your foods should the cleanest part of the house.

Friday, August 27, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Tulya con Carne in Milk

Last Friday DH together with his group joined the school's creative cooking competition for the Linggo ng Wika celebration.  Early in the morning his co-members (all girls) came to the house and started to cook their entry for the day.  It's Tulya con carne in Milk sauce.  Well to give you an idea the ingredients are tulya shells, ground pork, pineapple chunks & juice, coconut milk, 7-up or sprite, chili and spices.  Tomatoes and green leafy veggies are just trimmings here. I've assisted them in the end to give the final kick to the food ..I mean to add flavor and chili :-).

If you'll ask the taste I can proudly say it's super yummy and has a different exotic taste because of the shells and sprite.  It's easy to cook this- you'll only saute the ginger, garlic and onions.  Then add the ground pork and cook it for about 15 minutes before adding the pre-boiled shells.  Then it's turn for the Sprite or 7-up and coconut milk, after boiling the last ingredients added you can pour the chunks and juice of pineapple.  Add seasoning, salt and black pepper in the process.  Put desired chili in the end.  Wait until the coco milk turned to almost oil form before putting off the fire.

By the way they got the second prize out of 31 participants. The first prized menu is almost  the same.  They used Tahong shells instead of  Tulya.  For other yummy entries just click the badges above!

Warning/Reminder:  If your stomach is somewhat weak try to avoid mixing coco milk with pineapple juice, though you can add the chunks. I think the combination of coco milk, pineapple juice and sprite is not that stomach-friendly so get rid of the juice.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Her Latest Craze

My friend love to own modern gadgets like the latest Apple iPod and she’s working so hard just to get her wish. In her mind she would save money to buy it and will make it a remembrance of her money earned through hard and overtime work. She’s always like that saving for something that she crave about and for me it’s a good habit because she doesn’t want to buy on credits just on her earnings.

Just lately she asked about some ipod accessories that she wants for her new iPod and that’s when I knew that she has already bought herself her dream gadget. Now she’s frequently online to look for the nicest accessories to give an added trendy look for her new baby iPod. She calls it her new baby because it’s now the apple of her eyes together with the pretty accessories she’s collecting now. Good for her!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Feels Like Home to You?

Openness Feels Like Home to You

You think a home should be welcoming to all. You want everyone to feel comfortable in your home.
Hospitality is important to you, and nothing makes you happier than entertaining guests.

You pride yourself on having a tidy and modern home. It's important to you not to have a home you'd be embarrassed of.
You never can feel quite at home at someone else's house. Your home is just that tailored to your taste!

Friday, August 20, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Ruth's Birthday Food

Last Wednesday my eldest Ruth celebrated her 13th birthday and she asked to just buy her favorite choco roll from Red Ribbon instead of the big decorated cake with all the trimmings and Princess decors.  That was her birthday cake last year and now we're changing the look of her cake because she's not a baby anymore.  She's officially a teen now! Well she's growing up so fast that it's only 2 inches before she'll be my height.  She's more than 5 feet now and she looks like a young lady already except that she's really just a big girl.  I hope and pray that she'll grow up nicely with a kind heart and faith in God. Time flies so fast and when I look at her I sometimes couldn't believe she's 13 already. Btw we brought 3 kilos of pasta in our bible study to celebrate her birthday there together with my sister who had her birthday yesterday.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling Cozy While Earning

It’s really nice to be home where you feel your most comfortable moments and where you will relax in your favorite chair with your favorite drinks. I always feel cozy at home and will never exchange it for a day in the mall. Well I’m really a homebody but working for several years or more than a decade robbed me of being at home often. Now after retiring from corporate world early in life I can do what I want in the comforts of my home. I can do my hobbies of cooking, baking, reading and blogging all at the same time at home. I even earn from some of my hobbies and that makes me one lucky girl. 

Working at home is cool because I earn for a living while having the time to care for my family. I can even do some errands from friends and relatives regarding searching online like this Outer Banks foreclosures my cousin heard about. She’s interested to buy because it’s obviously lower priced and though she has her own home it can be a good investment for her. I’ve always known her to be so smart and wise in handling her money, no wonder that at a young age she already has her own home, car and business. She’s so frugal and all her earnings abroad were either saved on the bank or put in investment.

Friday, August 13, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Dried Pusit

Had a hard time shooting a clear copy of this one as I used my sis' digicam.  Just wanted to share this oh so delicious treat from my husband's hometown which dear MIL brought for us from their vacation trip in their hometown province in Samar. I've tasted other kinds of dried pusit but those were not as thin and crispy as this one.  My kids like them too and asked for some more unfortunately our stocks were limited only.  Samar is very far from us lol!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will Study Baking

I want to learn baking not by myself but through studying in baking class. I’m already having some stints by myself in baking but I only do the simple muffins, cupcake, macaroons, chiffon cake and some meat recipes. I’m not satisfied though as I want to learn it the professional way. Last year I was so busy with everything under the sun that I neglected my pursuit to be a professional baker. I shelved my plan to put up a bakeshop store because it’s more than what I can handle. I concentrated on my online job and I don’t regret it but I still want to enrol in a baking class.

Learning and studying is a continuing process and a person can never be too old to study. Now if regular schooling is impossible you can enroll in an online school to achieve your dream to finish your college. But for this dream of mine it can only be learned through practical lessons and on-site cooking so I’ll wait for Tesda to open their baking course in the next few months. We’re just a few blocks away from it so it’s more convenient for me and it’s free so I don’t have to shell out some cash for it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silver Tulip Candle Holder

I've been looking around for nice decorative candle holder when I stumbled  this pretty Silver Tulip Candle-holder at etsy.com. As you can see  it's not beautiful and good  for home decors but functional as well  because you can really use it for lighting and aroma on any part of  your house.  Of course for aromatic  function you'll have to use scented candles on it. 

It's a twin-stemmed tulip that has a lustrous shimmer, frosted with metallic silver! It can be ann elegant adornment all seasons of the year and great when the power suddenly failed, not for long period I guess! This is a product and creation of li2408ny at Etsy. It sells at $19.99.  Here's some notes from the maker:

Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 11" high. Some Assembly Required.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Here are some products of  li2408ny at Etsy:

Amber Calla Lily Candleholder

Calla lily candle holder in silver

Saturday, August 7, 2010

PH#225: Colorful (Cake)

Click the image to enlarge pic

Isn't it cute? I find it so colorful, beautiful and yummy and I'm right because that's what my kids told after we ate a slice of this cake from Red Ribbon. Anyway all Red Ribbon cakes are yummy with icing that melts in the mouth lol! My fave from them is Chocolate Mousse!

By the way this was the cake of my niece' baby when she was christened last summer and they visited me today with their baby Iya (nickname for Sofia Alexa) that's why I'm late now with my entry. Iya's as cute as her cake (even more) and I forgot my tasks because of her :-)

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Missing My Friend

Lately I heard that one of my friends bought iPhone lately and she’s now pining for iphone accessories that would personalize her phone’s distinctive look. I haven’t seen her iPhone yet because it was sometime when we last seen each other and we’re just communicating through instant messenger and phone calls. She’s one of my office friends who stood by me in times of my life’s most pressured corporate meetings and everyday challenges in work. She has resigned in the company long before I followed. I miss our happy times eating in the office pantry and talking about everything under the sun with our favourite coffee. We both love to eat and shop for foodies. Those were happy days and I truly miss her.

Enjoying Their Childhood

I was browsing my girls’ pictures when they were toddlers because I’m planning to make a slideshow of their looks from baby up to their graduation in primary schooling. Well I’m just preparing all their pictures so I’ll be ready next year when my second daughter will finally bid goodbye to little girl period and join her older sister in high school. I was just really having some nostalgic moments about my kids particularly my two elder girls because I noticed that they’re growing up fast and very tall. In several years time they would enter college and work and their world will be so much different by then. Anyway I still have a younger kid who is turning 7 next month and I’m enjoying his sweet charming ways now and making the most of it while he’s just a little boy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

:FF/FTF: Food Fest

Hmm too many yummy foods? These are the foods we prepared for Little Jewels' Food Fest. in line with the celebration of Nutrition Week, Each grade level PTA officers prepared their own nutritious food. We represent the first grade and we prepared sopas, followed by grade 2 with their mini pancakes with all purpose cream and pineapples on top, then the ice cream with yummy biscuits & stick-o, menudo, chicken and the last from grade 6 the pasta.

We fed 400 plus students of the whole school plus some more for the teachers and parents, but that's after we supplied all students lined up for the food. This is after the nutrition week program they held at the stage and the grounds. My little boy finished all of these foods except for the pasta which he ate half-full. It's my first time to feed such number of people and though a little nervous that we might not make it up to the last in line it was fun. Actually the soup didn't make it to all of the students, so the remaining students got some grapes to replace the soup and they're happier :-)

Enjoy your weekends! It's my blog's first time to join this meme because it was formerly played by My Crossroads for about 2 years. I find the meme more appropriate for this blog. For other yummy entries just click the badges above!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Started My Regular Exercise Again

I’m exercising again and I started it last Monday. I decided to discipline myself not only on food intake but also on daily exercise. It’s easier to lose excess pounds when you combine these two important factors. I’m making it regular as long as I can give some time for it so I will not have to take apidexin. I’m actually doing it before having breakfast while I’m cooking for breakfast and packed lunch. It’s like multi-tasking job for me but it’s easier to handle because I can really make cooking and exercising at one time. That’s the best time available for me and sometimes the little boy would join my sit-ups and other exercises. He enjoys it and feels like he’s only playing. Wish I can continue it for months.

From the Old School

I was busy with preparing homemade pork patties when I was asked by a friend to search for site that sells Ferrari parts. I’m not a car savvy person but I’m really good at looking and searching things up. Maybe he’s thinking that I can help him search because he has no patience in looking up online. He’s not into online hobbying and his only love is his cars and everything about them. Now I’m adding him to my list of friends who were in old school if I may snatch the words from my primary school classmate who when asked about his email address answered me that he’s from old school meaning no computer, no internet and no email address of course. Luckily he has a mobile phone now. He’s just an old-fashion guy and he made me smile at his ‘old school’ category remarks lol!

Stylish Curtain Ideas

I’ve mentioned window curtaining in my previous posts, its purpose and variance. My Mom was the one who really taught me about the differences of different types of curtains, the length for each type and what color to be used to enhance the room. She was a retired teacher and she handles various subjects in elementary schools but she’s the one who primarily supervise the home economics room. Yes she was my teacher too and believe me it’s hard when your Mom is your teacher because you have to be always alert and attentive in every topic that she discusses. Anyway she didn’t pressured me into anything I just took the responsibility to be the best in her class. My Dad would always tease me about it in our house and I’m glad I did my best, she’s proud of me.

Well during her time the choice of color and designs were conservative unlike now that curtain designs are more aggressive using all colors and designs they wish to. It’s part of the modern interior industry and when I look at the styles I must say I love it. I’ve been browsing for some curtain ideas for my MIL’s new house and look what I’ve found in www.look4design.co.uk

Sweet Gesture

I’m a bit sleepy this morning because I only had three hours sleep last night or should I call it dawn. I practically shut down my laptop at 2am and woke up at 5am with dear husband doing the rescue for me because he’s started cooking for the kids even if he only cooks eggs and hotdogs every time he visits the kitchen. I woke up in time that he’s ready to fry the egg. I smiled at him and told him he can rest then I switched the eggs for the ham. I always write in my health site that it’s not good to eat eggs always so I must practice it in my own household. I don’t want anyone of us to get sick because of eating too much eggs especially the egg yolks which contains cholesterol or I’ll end up looking for a good insurance site like cheapinsurance123.com to cover our health insurance.

Well it’s always better to prevent sickness from coming in than having to cure it when we have it already. I’ll share the health facts about eggs in my next post to justify my fear of eating eggs frequently. Anyway I’m really touched by the husband’s gesture of not waking me up and doing the cooking job even if he’s not used to it. Best of all he does it with matching smile. Such sweet gesture!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our House

I noticed that our house really needs some renovation in the upper rooms because the wood flooring doesn’t look as hard and strong anymore. Our house is a stone house but its second storey flooring is made of wood flooring and as such prone to termites. If only all of us can have steel buildings for a house then we can all forget about weakening structures of our houses. Just kidding of course, who would have steel for their homes except for the parts that need it? Anyway I should thank Dad for providing us a good and stable house that shelters us from harm and nature occurrences. It’s also big that’s why we can enjoy occasions and invite friends without worrying about where to entertain them.