Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling Cozy While Earning

It’s really nice to be home where you feel your most comfortable moments and where you will relax in your favorite chair with your favorite drinks. I always feel cozy at home and will never exchange it for a day in the mall. Well I’m really a homebody but working for several years or more than a decade robbed me of being at home often. Now after retiring from corporate world early in life I can do what I want in the comforts of my home. I can do my hobbies of cooking, baking, reading and blogging all at the same time at home. I even earn from some of my hobbies and that makes me one lucky girl. 

Working at home is cool because I earn for a living while having the time to care for my family. I can even do some errands from friends and relatives regarding searching online like this Outer Banks foreclosures my cousin heard about. She’s interested to buy because it’s obviously lower priced and though she has her own home it can be a good investment for her. I’ve always known her to be so smart and wise in handling her money, no wonder that at a young age she already has her own home, car and business. She’s so frugal and all her earnings abroad were either saved on the bank or put in investment.


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