Friday, August 6, 2010

:FF/FTF: Food Fest

Hmm too many yummy foods? These are the foods we prepared for Little Jewels' Food Fest. in line with the celebration of Nutrition Week, Each grade level PTA officers prepared their own nutritious food. We represent the first grade and we prepared sopas, followed by grade 2 with their mini pancakes with all purpose cream and pineapples on top, then the ice cream with yummy biscuits & stick-o, menudo, chicken and the last from grade 6 the pasta.

We fed 400 plus students of the whole school plus some more for the teachers and parents, but that's after we supplied all students lined up for the food. This is after the nutrition week program they held at the stage and the grounds. My little boy finished all of these foods except for the pasta which he ate half-full. It's my first time to feed such number of people and though a little nervous that we might not make it up to the last in line it was fun. Actually the soup didn't make it to all of the students, so the remaining students got some grapes to replace the soup and they're happier :-)

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Unknown said...

i can imagine all the work you did to prepare and cook these. i remember our nutrition week in grade school--lugaw na may malunggay ang pinapakain sa amin. ewww! (LOL)

charmie said...

wow, swerte ng studyante ah! food trip, looks delicious. i'm sure they enjoyed it!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I agree with Luna, that certainly a hard work and well done to all of you!

maiylah said...

yummy feast! i'd like the ice cream and biscuits/sticks,

ps. i think i like what Luna's school served them: lugaw with malunggay leaves. hahaha... :)

Mhel said...

Wow. 400 students? Looked like a really tiring, but, at the same time fun, cooking for that many people. Sarap! :)

- blankPixels of -

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