Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet Gesture

I’m a bit sleepy this morning because I only had three hours sleep last night or should I call it dawn. I practically shut down my laptop at 2am and woke up at 5am with dear husband doing the rescue for me because he’s started cooking for the kids even if he only cooks eggs and hotdogs every time he visits the kitchen. I woke up in time that he’s ready to fry the egg. I smiled at him and told him he can rest then I switched the eggs for the ham. I always write in my health site that it’s not good to eat eggs always so I must practice it in my own household. I don’t want anyone of us to get sick because of eating too much eggs especially the egg yolks which contains cholesterol or I’ll end up looking for a good insurance site like to cover our health insurance.

Well it’s always better to prevent sickness from coming in than having to cure it when we have it already. I’ll share the health facts about eggs in my next post to justify my fear of eating eggs frequently. Anyway I’m really touched by the husband’s gesture of not waking me up and doing the cooking job even if he’s not used to it. Best of all he does it with matching smile. Such sweet gesture!


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