Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying Out Old Snack Recipe

The long weekend holiday has brought my daughter Ruth and I to the kitchen more often because we experimented on snack recipes on my Mom’s old recipe book. When I mean old it’s really old as it dated back when I was in first grade in primary school. The book in its old age has already developed a light brownish color but it’s so precious to me. We tried another recipe of homemade pancakes because we run out of ready-made pancakes sold in boxes and we have stocks of flour, milk and butter. It was so fun working with my daughter who is showing so much interest in cooking just like me.

Anyway as we’re always in the kitchen I noticed that it needs a renovation as the tiles are showing some minor damages. We also need to replace the faucets with a new one and I want something like that of Kohler kitchen faucets I saw yesterday. I like my kitchen clean, neat and organized because that’s where I always work and stay. I also believe that the place where you prepare your foods should the cleanest part of the house.


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