Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will Study Baking

I want to learn baking not by myself but through studying in baking class. I’m already having some stints by myself in baking but I only do the simple muffins, cupcake, macaroons, chiffon cake and some meat recipes. I’m not satisfied though as I want to learn it the professional way. Last year I was so busy with everything under the sun that I neglected my pursuit to be a professional baker. I shelved my plan to put up a bakeshop store because it’s more than what I can handle. I concentrated on my online job and I don’t regret it but I still want to enrol in a baking class.

Learning and studying is a continuing process and a person can never be too old to study. Now if regular schooling is impossible you can enroll in an online school to achieve your dream to finish your college. But for this dream of mine it can only be learned through practical lessons and on-site cooking so I’ll wait for Tesda to open their baking course in the next few months. We’re just a few blocks away from it so it’s more convenient for me and it’s free so I don’t have to shell out some cash for it.


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