Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Back to Healthy Walking Exercise

I’ve noticed that since I started cutting down my rice since Monday I’m not having much difficulty in walking though I’m taking my walks in leisure walks only. DH told me not to walk too far because it’s like I’m starting out again. He actually didn’t want me to start walking my usual 2-3 kilometer exercise but I asked him how to lose weight if I will not include it in my exercise. I’ve been doing it for several years already and every time I stop it’s not doing me good. My body is used to morning and afternoon walking exercises which were limited when I resigned from my previous work thus a great increase in weight. I just can’t wait to reach my regular walking limits again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Sharing Rooms

My girls are growing up fast and they’re outgrowing their little cabinets and their toddlers’ bed. Now that Ruth is teen already and Gen is going to be 12 in few months time I’m thinking of buying them my favorite brand of quality mattress for their new steel bed. I’m having my minds set on deciding if they would share the bed or let them have their own. My sister and I shared the same bed when we were kids up to when we’re grownups. We only separated when brother got married and I occupied his room. I had it renovated to my specific style and color. I’ll just my young ladies what they want and I’ll just pick it from there.

Friday, September 24, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Boiled Eggs in Coco Milk

This is again one of the entries in URS Food Competition last month.  These are the ordinary eggs we always have in our kitchen and pantry that we didn't bother to cook with sauce or anything like this one.  It's an original simple recipe  where eggs were boiled first and cooked in coconut milk with garlic, onion, tomatoes , pepper and some green spices. You could add up some other ingredients if you want.  We've never cooked eggs like this before and I'm going to try this for sure. Looks yummy! Want some?
For those who have problems with high cholesterol please limit your intake.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taking All Preventive Measures Not to Get Sick

After my eldest got sick last week I was afraid that my other two kids might also get viral infection because we really don’t know what they’ll get in school and other environment they passed through. The doctors said that it’s imperative that kids take their ascorbic acid everyday to combat sickness and infection and I’m really monitoring them. I’ve also searched in some more brands that will be best for my 3 kids. It’s hard when someone is sick in the family so I’m taking all precautions and preventive measures to prevent them from getting infected again by viruses coming from dirt, dust and from other kids in school. Of course with lots of prayers that God will guide and take care of them always.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Read Reviews and Consult Doctor

There are many diet pills available in the market and they all claim to be the best to reduce fat, to achieve fast weight loss and safe for use. It’s better to read reviews and consult your doctor about a particular diet pill before using it to prevent complications. Many would say that tonalin cla side effects are true but if you visit their site you’ll know that there are no side effects and it works wonders on losing weight. As for me even if I gained several pounds in two months I will just follow my own health regimen which was proven affective.

PEACE Silverware Coat Hooks

Want peace in your home?  Try this one it might convey your message to your family that you want PEACE!  Anyway this Peace Special set of 3 Silverware Coat Hooks caught my attention because of its unique and cute design.  They're very attractive and will always remind every family member to have peace.  This set got stylish coat hooks and it can be used also for towels, hats, backpacks and others. The fork is bent into a hook, drilled in the middle and the tines are bent into fun designs. A finished hook measures approx. 3" deep, 4" tall and 2" wide. Made to order and silverware patterns vary.

This is a creation of jjevensenart and got this from  It sells at USD30.00 

This is also a great gift idea!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comparing the Toy from the Real One

My little boy played nonstop again with the toys we bought him on his last birthday. He loves the robot particularly and when he has time he always bring it out of his closet and play. I told him to take care of it as he’s always looking for its tiny accessories. He was searching for his binocular toy early in the morning because he saw online the real Nikon binoculars on discount sale. He wants to compare the toy from the real one.

I wasn’t able to review him for his mastery test next week because DH and I left the house before lunch and returned in the late afternoon from the hospital. We brought our eldest to the nearest hospital and had her CBC and Platelet Count tested in the laboratory to rule out possibility of dengue fever. We returned home happy that the rashes are allergies only. My daughter had contacted viral infection and that’s the reason why she is having fever. She’s fine now and we’re only giving her paracetamol and allergy medicines.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stage Moms

I’ve joined my daughter Gen in her journalism competition last Monday and Tuesday. I actually planned to bring lunch only but got tired of the sun’s heat that I sat for an hour to hear the lecture about editorial writing. I enjoyed the lecture and thought of enrolling myself on a quick course in journalism the next time I’m free. I was lucky to have 3 Mommy companions who were like me a confessed stage mother.  We were able to entertain ourselves with a lot of stories about having kids. Our kids are older now and neither of my friends there planned to get pregnant again and got busy over baby things, crib, walker, best prenatal vitamins, prenatal checkups and anything associated with pregnancy. Their youngest kids are all big now and getting pregnant would be awkward for them now. They’re a lot younger than me but they married young.

Tips to Heal Indigestion By 4-Hour Fasting

Many kids now at one time or another suffer indigestion because there's a disturbance in the digestive function of the stomach or its failure to digest food. I myself sometimes experience indigestion.  To aid digestion in the body  we should follow some suggestive measures like withhold food intake for four hours, drink one glass of hot water every hour during the 4-hour fasting, eat a slice of ripe papaya 30 minutes after a heavy meal and eat light meals without fatty foods after the four-hour fasting.

There are some herbal medications that aid digestion also:

Papaya, ripe
Eat as a fruit dessert, especially with heavy meals. It helps in the digestion of protein.

Kamatsili Leaves
Boil 1 cup in 5 glasses of water for 10 minutes. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt.
Dosage: Adults : 2 cups initial, and then 1 cup every 4 hours
Babies: 1 Tbsp. initial, and then 1 teaspoon every 4 hours

Anonas leaves
Warm the leaves in open fire
Apply the leaves directly on the stomach while still warm Use abdominal binder. Renew every 2 hours. Good for children and babies.

Rekindling Friendship

Lately I have plenty of reunions and dinner to attend to and in those occasions diet is the last thing on my mind as I wanted to enjoy those precious moments with my close friends in college. We met again after almost two decades but time didn’t erase the friendship that we had. We’re the same after several years except that most of us have gained weight and would probably need weight loss pills that really work if we don’t plan a good diet menu and exercise soon. Thinking about my college closest friends we’re still the same college students who worked hard to achieve our dreams. I was happy to catch up with update on their lives and seeing the joy in their eyes and faces I know we have the same feelings. We all have missed each other and happy to be together again.

Costume Party

Time flies so fast and another month or so another semester will be finished. I was telling DH that soon enough he’ll graduate from his college course. At the end of next month he’ll be enrolling again for the second semester. At this same time also last year I remember my little boy joining his preparatory school costume party. There were plenty of costumes, some are super heroes like Josh, his friend Carl have his vampire costumes, others portray ghosts, zombie and many of the girls just portrays that of the princesses. I was always there at every school program and I enjoy seeing the little kids in costumes while they perform their designated numbers. Now Josh is in first grade and everything has changed. He’s more mature and responsible now and never misses an opportunity to join in school programs.

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Chicken Feet

This is one of the entries in URS Food Competition last month.  This is the exotic and famous Chicken Feet from the Philippines only :-)  Filipinos has more than one way of cooking this one like grilled chicken feet, adobo or cooked with oyster sauce.  I just love how they arranged these feet into circle with boiled chicken eggs and tomatoes.  Looks yummy! Want some?
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Protect Your Cars

Now that we’re experiencing daily showers of rain because of the season we should learn how to manage our everyday life with it. Rain helps to make our crops grow bigger and plants healthier. It’s also very important in helping our water reservoir in saving up water for our daily needs. Reservoir or water dams are used to store water, filter it and distribute to people for daily consumption so we really need those showers of rain for our daily usage. Without rain it would be hard to produce water and we will have shortage in supply. 

That’s what rain can do to our lives but it can also do us harm if we’re not very careful. If you’re driving rain can be so hard on your windows and it may lead to accident if your sight will be blurred due to raindrops that will fall on the side of your windows. You should have protection from heavy rains because it will affect your driving and it’ll make easy driving impossible. Better protect you and your car with rain guards which cut down airstreams and raindrops on your windows. 

We also need some more accessories to manage bad weather, fog and other elements of nature. For complete car accessories you could visit CARiD, the online automotive accessories superstore where you can find complete accessories of different kinds and brands of car. You can find them all from wind deflectors, wheels and rims, air filters, body kits, hid kits, running boards, car lights, grill guards, air intakes and many others. All these can add definition and beauty to your car’s exterior and interior parts for complete styling, performance and comfort in travelling. We now have a car that we can use for our family’s needs and I’m glad that I know now where to find needed accessories for the car.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Used Cell Phones

I agree that buying used cell phones can be an economical advantage for someone who has a tight budget, there are pre-owned cell phones that are good and of high quality. We just have to know the right place to buy it and we’re going to be environmental friendly too.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wholesale Housewares

I’m having some inventory of our kitchen accessories and noted few that I need to have in the coming months. Last year I got rid of the old house wares in the house and replaced with some new ones. But now I figured out that I need more, in fact I really need to search for wholesale housewares so I can buy in bulk at a low price. Next month would be payment again of my kids’ quarterly school fees so I’d better buy my house wares in discounted price because it’s not in my priority list. Times are hard now and I should be wise in spending our hard-earned money. I should know my priorities and my budget limits.

Friday, September 10, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Shrimps & Crabs

These are some of the foods we ate at the seaside bay when we went there and had a mini-reunion.  My college friends and I went there at MOA to see Elen before her vacation ended.  She and her family went back home to Canada where they're currently working and living. We bought sea foods at the market and have it cooked  by the staff of Aling Tonyang's resto. These buttered shrimps and crabs  in oyster sauce are simply yummy!  Will post more of our foods there next week.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comments-Digiliant on Data Backup

Data backup is a must in securing the safety of important data of every business. Personally I learned that having an online job entails a good storage and backup also of my important online job data.

Comments-IqKids on Educational Toys

Giving your kids educational toys let them have an advantage over some kids because it helps them develop their IQ, reasoning abilities, skills in certain aspects of studies, mental and developmental growth. It’s also a sure fun way of learning and discovering things by themselves while enjoying it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Top Droppers for August

This is the first time that I would thank my visitors who patiently drop by my site.  I've been very busy lately that this post seems so late now.  Well as they say better late than never :-) so I'm posting this even if a little late.

Dropper # of drops
Fledgling Blogger 31
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comatised 12
Patsy's Photo's 10
Jennyholic 10
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elai's precious angels 8
Contest and Promos for Pinoys! 8

New set of droppers for me except my friend June here! Thanks June for rounding up my blogs everyday!  Wish I could do the same :-) I've been so busy lately with outpouring of tasks that I failed to go visiting and bloghopping.  I miss doing it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Tortang Sayote with Cream of Mushroom

This is one of the entries in URS' creative cooking competition for the Linggo ng Wika celebration.  I've picked this one for veggie lovers, to give ideas on how we can cook our simple veggies to turn into yummy dishes which our kids can eat. This one adds cream of mushroom to give a slight different taste.

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