Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comparing the Toy from the Real One

My little boy played nonstop again with the toys we bought him on his last birthday. He loves the robot particularly and when he has time he always bring it out of his closet and play. I told him to take care of it as he’s always looking for its tiny accessories. He was searching for his binocular toy early in the morning because he saw online the real Nikon binoculars on discount sale. He wants to compare the toy from the real one.

I wasn’t able to review him for his mastery test next week because DH and I left the house before lunch and returned in the late afternoon from the hospital. We brought our eldest to the nearest hospital and had her CBC and Platelet Count tested in the laboratory to rule out possibility of dengue fever. We returned home happy that the rashes are allergies only. My daughter had contacted viral infection and that’s the reason why she is having fever. She’s fine now and we’re only giving her paracetamol and allergy medicines.


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