Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Friday/Food Trip Friday:: Grilled Pork Belly

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This is one of my favorite dishes, Pork Liempo or Pork Belly whatever you want to call it and I want it grilled or fried.  Grilled is less sinful I guess lol!  This one is a little bit different from what I used to cook in the house.  I mean the cut is different as I used to grill rectangular shape liempo.  This one is from Aling  Tonyang's Seaside Resto.  Anyway the taste is still the same succulent taste of yummy grilled pork belly.  I love it on special occasions like New Year's Eve and birthdays spent on resorts.

How to marinate pork belly before grilling?  Just mix soy sauce, lemon or calamansi juice, salt, pepper, garlic and oyster sauce.  Some add catsup in the marinade sauce but I don't use it if I already have oyster sauce. Marinate for 3 hours to overnight then the pork will be ready for grilling.  The sauce used for marinating can be mixed with little catsup and cooking oil to use for spreading the pork while grilling.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Enjoy Quality Time with Them While They’re Young

Time flies so fast! I’ve been telling this more often these days. The little flower girl in our wedding 13 years ago will soon be a Mom. She’s having her first baby and scheduled to give birth on December. We were joking about it because I was also born on that month. I’m still in doubt if she’s going to give baby shower invitations or just make it a family affair.

Anyway having a baby is a delightful event where everyone in the family is excited about the coming source of joy in the house. My youngest kid is growing now and in few years time he will not be my little baby boy. So for now I’ll take advantage of his charming ways and enjoy quality time with him because when he reached his teens I know he’ll have more friends to spend his leisure time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Purple Mangosteen

A friend of my Mom dropped by and gave this juicy Purple Mangosteen which my kids are not so familiar because it’s not a common fruit in our house. We always have fruits in the house. I always see to it that they eat one or two kinds a day for vitamin supplements. But mangosteen can’t be bought at nearby fruit stands only. The little boy love it as I patiently opened each fruit for him and then his questions slowly comes in as usual. He always has plenty of questions for lots of things. Since I’ve researched some facts for my little boy I might as well share some here. 

The Purple Mangosteen is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. The tree grows from 7 to 25 m (20–80 ft) tall. The rind (exocarp) of the edible fruit is deep reddish purple when ripe. Botanically an aril, the fragrant edible flesh can be described as sweet and tangy, citrusy with peach flavor and texture.

Some mangosteen juice products contain whole fruit purée or polyphenols extracted from the inedible exocarp (rind) as a formulation strategy to add phytochemical value. The resulting juice has purple color and astringency derived from exocarp pigments, including xanthones under study for potential anti-disease effects. Other authors proposed that alpha-mangostin, a xanthone, could stimulate apoptosis in leukemia cells in vitro. Furthermore, a possible adverse effect may occur from chronic consumption of mangosteen juice containing xanthones. A 2008 medical case report described a patient with severe acidosis possibly attributable to a year of daily use (to lose weight, dose not described) of mangosteen juice infused with tannins.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chills at Night

Last week I had a couple of chill attacks and when I think about it I noticed that it usually happens when I’m tired and stressed. I’m a strong person and I seldom get sick but I always chill at night whenever I feel so tired from blogging and physical activities. It happens usually before or after midnight when I’m sleeping already. When I start feeling so cold I always wish that I have heated blanket with me so I will not feel the cold. Some of my friends told me to ask my doctor about these frequent chills but I opt to leave it at that because for me it’s just my body’s outlet of physical stress. After I had those chills for about 15 minutes my body’s temperature will be back to normal and I don’t feel anything wrong with my health.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Protection from Aging Effects of Sun

I’m always outside for the kids’ school activities, bank errands, for grocering and some other Mom duties and sometimes I forgot to bring protection for myself when I roam around. My Mom would be so worried that I’ll have headache because of the heat but actually I’m worried at the effects of the sun on my face as I don’t put sun block when I go outside. I don’t put anything on my face because I’m used to having clean fresh look only. I know I need to have sun block and moisturizer for face to avoid skin damage on my daily outdoor activities. It will also help in avoiding sun aging effects on skin. Anyway I should take note of this because I will forget it due to tons of tasks that I’m doing. My skin would surely love being moisturized.

Friday, October 22, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: A Veneto Platter

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This is one of the foods that I ate with my college friends on our second get-together last September.  It's my first actually to eat at A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante at Glorietta, Makati City.  It was the suggested place from  my same name buddy Racelis which I fondly call Chako.  We've chosen  the resto because we want  Italian foods mainly pizza, pasta and chicken.  We ordered 2 family pizzas, 2 kinds of carbonara and two if this A Veneto Platter. It’s really what I want because it has a little bit of everything -  potato balls, french fries, chicken wings and crab sticks. Ate all this with a glass of iced tea.

Btw I love potato balls and chicken wings.  

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Taking Care of Her Skin

I noticed that my daughter’s skin is susceptible to dust and the skin on her face which used to be baby smooth is not that soft anymore. I guess it’s one of the things that any girl will experience when she enters adolescence period. I’m trying to help her with time proven tips and advices. I’ve bought her super mild cleansing foam for her face until she regains her smooth face complexion. 

I’m not that worried about acne because I’ve never experienced them when I was in my teens and hoping that they would inherit that from me. If ever she will have some zits I know I can come up with a good acne medication for her. For now I’m teaching her how to take care of her face and the proper way of cleaning and maintaining it. That’s one way also of preventing acne and other skin problems from occurring. We should remember that the skin on our face should the smoothest skin on our body because the beauty lies on having clean, clear and glowing skin on our face.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Watching TV

It’s been months since I saw television regularly. I just turned away from it for too long to test myself if I can get out of being so glued to television shows. I’m not a couch potato but I also spend some time watching cable movies and reality shows. I’m also fond of watching shows that pertains to music and nature. The test proved to be successful as I’ve passed it with flying colors. I just watched news and I avoided all telenovelas. Sometimes I watched special shows on my laptop.

Now after seeing nice home theater seating online few weeks ago I suddenly missed watching TV and started seeing my favorite reality shows and good movies on cable again but on limited time only. I regard my time as gold and so I spend most of it on reading, cooking, learning photography and writing. Sometimes I would watch shows with Mom to have some chit chat with her while I rest my back from working. On mornings I do some workout routines and take care of my kids’ needs. After all these things were done I work on my tasks until early afternoon before the kids came back from school. I find my time more useful and quality that way because I don’t follow daily shows that makes me sometimes addicted to watching them. It feels like they control my time and I don’t want it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Effects of Acne

DD Ruth can’t sleep early last Friday and I told her that she should be resting before 10 in the evening as she needs to recover from the week’s busy activities in school. She’s not at all worried that she stayed late at night on Fridays because there’s no classes on Saturdays. Well I told her that it can cause her skin to be rough and might cause her face to have acne breakouts and she forced herself to fall asleep. 

Even a girl as young as her don’t want acne because it’s not only unbecoming but feels itchy as well. It’s hard to find natural treatment for acne that will ensure treating the skin without marring it. Some of my friends in college experienced having acne in their high school years that gave those blemishes and scars in their faces. That’s the problem when you had acne problems it leaves some marks in your face.

Friday, October 15, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Almondigas

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I don't know where the name Almondigas came from but I heard them calling it by that name.  This is one of the many entries in the food fest in hubby's school where they won 2nd place in Tulya Con Carne in Milk.  I think the group who cooked this one lack some style in presenting their delicacy because the pepper shouldn't be cracked, it should look like a banana pepper, green and firm.  Anyway it's still yummy.  

My friend used to cook this and a filling of cooked ground pork with spices are usually put inside the pepper and then deep fried. It's hot but not as hot as the chili pepper so it's still yummy to eat.  We usually serve ours with dippings of mayonnaise with catsup mixed to taste like a salad dressing.  Care to try it!

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Determined and Disciplined

I had a talk with one of my friends in my daughter’s school and they noticed that I really gained weight since summer. I had a diet meal plan last summer and it helped me a lot but the stressful activities I had these past few months had added up to my weight somehow. I didn’t told them that I will not need those weight loss pills they’re recommending to me because I want them to be surprised after 3 months. I know my workout exercises will give me healthy and fit body. I’m confident that together with proper sleeping and healthy meal plans I can work my way out of my excess pounds. I’m determined and much disciplined now.

My 9th Day of Workout Exercise

I feel very good while working out and doing the cardio exercises online. I’ve finished 4 other exercises and finally reached my goal of one hour exercise in 10 days. I started with 10-minute exercise then doubled up to 20 and now I can do a one-hour straight fitness exercise, workout and aerobics . It was an achievement for me because I don’t have to buy the best fat burner my brother is recommending a few weeks ago. 

I was feeling very light when sweat came out from my body. It also necessitates me to drink plenty of water. I’m a water drinker from the start but when you’re doing any workout or exercise you tend to drink less of water. It’s the physical activities that drive you to drink water to regain your strength and breath. I just love it. I started last week and this is my 9th day. I skipped last weekend because we went to Inter-town competition of my daughter.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Should be Healthy for the Kids

I relaxed yesterday from blogging and after doing one due task I concentrated on planning my meals and exercising. I started my exercise regimen last week and it’s becoming a habit to me now because it feels great on my body system. It feels like all parts of my body are moving and after few minutes of working out I feel good about myself. I was thinking that I’ll have my ME time and after reading my mails and checking my task schedule I rested my back on the couch and started reading some health books

I really need to be more conscious of my health now because sickness goes with the age too. I know I’m not getting any younger so prevention of occurrences should be prevented. DH and I should be healthy in body and in mind so we can properly guide and care for them as they grow up.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Facing a New Life

My cousin is on his way to new life after rehabilitation and I hope it will come true. I was really praying for the nth time that he’ll change and get away from other vices too like alcohol and cigar specials. For a month now he’s fine and in good condition that’s why my Auntie is happy. The other week one of his friends visited him to attend class reunion and he felt happy that when it happened he’s free from rehabilitation or he’ll never make it to the occasion. I just hope that he’ll turn away from the past bad habit that he had done and take advantage of his wonderful talent of drawing. Among our clan who were all gifted with artistic hands he’s the best of all and I know if he concentrate on living a good life he has a good future ahead of him.

Friday, October 8, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Sbarro's Pizza and Pasta

DH and I ate at Sbarro while waiting for my other college friends on our first mini reunion after more than 20 years.  Among them I've last seen my closest friends on my wedding 13 years ago, yeah that long and I terribly missed them.  We ordered our favorite pizza and baked ziti (as always) and seated with 2 of my friends while reminiscing good old college days.  We then proceeded to the Seaside market and restaurant to meet others.  Well the foods at Aling Tonyang's were different from these ones. I have featured some of them here and will blog others on my next posts.

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Getting Ready for the Contest

I just came home from school to configure my laptop with their printer for tomorrow’s competition. Gen will compete for basic encoding skills for Division level and they’re required to bring their own laptops, netbooks whatever they want to bring. Gen came home from school at lunch time to tell me that I need to setup my laptop with their printer which luckily is just the same as ours. 

When we competed for the District level last week only one contestant brought her own mini laptop because we were not advised. Gen and other contestants used the PC desktops available in the principal’s office. Since tomorrow’s contest is for inter-town’s school competition I’ll be expecting competitive students to challenge for the Division’s best and for sure there’ll be lots of laptop and netbook models to see like Compaq Presario Mini, Toshiba Netbook PC, Acer Aspire notebooks and many others.

Her Future Nurse

A friend of my Auntie went with her on her visit yesterday. We talked about DH schooling and I learned that her daughter is also studying in the same university but in different branch. Her daughter is taking up Nursing and our town’s branch don’t have Nursing in its offered courses thus she enrolled in the nearest branch offering said course. Her daughter is only one year away from graduation and will soon be inquiring in healthcare job bank to know more job openings for healthcare staff. She‘s so happy to see her daughter practising in various hospitals assigned to her as her duty. She’s looking forward to her daughter’s graduation this coming March. After all her hard work her dream is just few months away.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

School Break Vacation

I’m looking forward to hubby’s semestral break vacation as we’ll sort out everything in the first room of the upper floor. The room I was referring to became a stock room of old clothes, toys and accessories. I had plans of renovating it but due to lack of time and enough budget I put away my plans for awhile. Now I’m thinking what kind of furniture would I place in it if ever I resumed the renovation. Since it’s on the upper floors any motif I want can do like putting cabin beds and other wood furniture. It would be fresh to look at and a little conventional. 

Hope we can finish what has been planned earlier so we can have some vacation also. Moms suggested visiting our hometown province and spend 3 days there so I think we’ll be able to relax and rest despite some obstructions.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sea Gem Lantern

I've been looking for gift ideas for my SIL's birthday this month and because she's miles away I'm going to ship it to her place in G.B.  I'm choosing between home accessories, bags or purses because that's more likely her fave choices.  Well look at this cozy lantern I've found at  It's a lovely little 6 inch lantern bejeweled with sea-and-sand summer and fall tone glass beads. Perfect for hanging on my SIL porch or anywhere she likes.  Easy access through a tiny cage door means easy candle replacement. Comes with tea light.

This one costs USD10.00  and also available in black.Maybe it's nice having some of their other lantern items too.

Monday, October 4, 2010

First Week of Healthy Diet

Last month I was trying to find ways on how I could shed excess pounds without limiting my food intake because I know I couldn’t skip meals because I’m working so hard. The only way my friend advised me is to take safe diet pills that work if all things won’t work for me. After careful planning and determination I started skipping rice on my dinner meals starting last week. I replaced rice with two to three kinds of fruits so I will feel heavy and satisfied.

It’s hard to get back to what I’ve been doing previously but I have to try because my excess pounds has giving me difficulty in breathing and cramps on my legs. Doctor told me that my feet are too small to carry my weight so I better lose some pounds and try to maintain the ideal weight for my height and age. If I will not do that I’ll suffer the consequences. I’m glad that I’ve passed my first trial week and hoping I could move on with my second week. Good luck to me.

Friday, October 1, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Scallop in Garlic and Cheese

This is one of my favorite foods from the various sea foods menu we had at  Aling Tonyang's Restaurant  in Seaside Macapagal beside Mall of Asia.  My college friends and I had a blast not in eating but in chatting.  The food was super yummy but we were so busy catching up with each other  that we ate only one-fourth of the food.  This is what I'm missing now - the Scallop cooked in garlic and cheese and some other spices I guess.  I almost missed the name 'coz I'm not so familiar with all kinds of sea foods. My friend Oda from Malabon and Elen whose living now in Canada did all the choosing and buying at the  seafood market there.  Hmm they're too expensive for me though you'll really love the foods, fresh and juicy products from the sea lol!

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Change of Working Schedule

I rested from cooking today as I’ve got too many offline and online tasks but the past few days allowed me to cook some recipes that I want to try. I’ve tried the combination of banana catsup, soy sauce and pickle relish on chicken breast with little lemon and some additional ingredients and spices for pork afritada. It was fun for me as I really love inventing different meals. I had a change of working time this week due to frail left arm and I used the opportunity to cook different recipes every morning before I start working on my sites.

I cooked lunch and dinner meals on mornings so my arm and hands won’t be pressured to work after I’ve consumed several hours in my PC. It’s not doing me good to switch from household chores to blogging and then chores again. I became an afternoon-evening shift blogger for five days and I also do my canvassing for our new vehicle‘s insurance during those hours. I remember my  friend’s request  to  check rv insurance quote so I did it first before other works. He needs it to assure himself that he’ll be getting a specialized and competitive quotation price for his recreational vehicle. He’ll be having a long travel journey at the end of this month and should get all things done before he sets out on his journey.

Top Droppers for September 2010

It's another month again and I don't want to pass the opportunity to thank my ec droppers, visitors and friends who visits me in this site.  Sad that I wasn't able to visit you back due to busy work schedule.  Anyway feel free to read some tips and view my favorite foods here.

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