Friday, October 1, 2010

Change of Working Schedule

I rested from cooking today as I’ve got too many offline and online tasks but the past few days allowed me to cook some recipes that I want to try. I’ve tried the combination of banana catsup, soy sauce and pickle relish on chicken breast with little lemon and some additional ingredients and spices for pork afritada. It was fun for me as I really love inventing different meals. I had a change of working time this week due to frail left arm and I used the opportunity to cook different recipes every morning before I start working on my sites.

I cooked lunch and dinner meals on mornings so my arm and hands won’t be pressured to work after I’ve consumed several hours in my PC. It’s not doing me good to switch from household chores to blogging and then chores again. I became an afternoon-evening shift blogger for five days and I also do my canvassing for our new vehicle‘s insurance during those hours. I remember my  friend’s request  to  check rv insurance quote so I did it first before other works. He needs it to assure himself that he’ll be getting a specialized and competitive quotation price for his recreational vehicle. He’ll be having a long travel journey at the end of this month and should get all things done before he sets out on his journey.


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