Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Effects of Acne

DD Ruth can’t sleep early last Friday and I told her that she should be resting before 10 in the evening as she needs to recover from the week’s busy activities in school. She’s not at all worried that she stayed late at night on Fridays because there’s no classes on Saturdays. Well I told her that it can cause her skin to be rough and might cause her face to have acne breakouts and she forced herself to fall asleep. 

Even a girl as young as her don’t want acne because it’s not only unbecoming but feels itchy as well. It’s hard to find natural treatment for acne that will ensure treating the skin without marring it. Some of my friends in college experienced having acne in their high school years that gave those blemishes and scars in their faces. That’s the problem when you had acne problems it leaves some marks in your face.


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