Monday, October 4, 2010

First Week of Healthy Diet

Last month I was trying to find ways on how I could shed excess pounds without limiting my food intake because I know I couldn’t skip meals because I’m working so hard. The only way my friend advised me is to take safe diet pills that work if all things won’t work for me. After careful planning and determination I started skipping rice on my dinner meals starting last week. I replaced rice with two to three kinds of fruits so I will feel heavy and satisfied.

It’s hard to get back to what I’ve been doing previously but I have to try because my excess pounds has giving me difficulty in breathing and cramps on my legs. Doctor told me that my feet are too small to carry my weight so I better lose some pounds and try to maintain the ideal weight for my height and age. If I will not do that I’ll suffer the consequences. I’m glad that I’ve passed my first trial week and hoping I could move on with my second week. Good luck to me.


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