Friday, October 15, 2010

:Food Friday/Food Trip Friday: Almondigas

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I don't know where the name Almondigas came from but I heard them calling it by that name.  This is one of the many entries in the food fest in hubby's school where they won 2nd place in Tulya Con Carne in Milk.  I think the group who cooked this one lack some style in presenting their delicacy because the pepper shouldn't be cracked, it should look like a banana pepper, green and firm.  Anyway it's still yummy.  

My friend used to cook this and a filling of cooked ground pork with spices are usually put inside the pepper and then deep fried. It's hot but not as hot as the chili pepper so it's still yummy to eat.  We usually serve ours with dippings of mayonnaise with catsup mixed to taste like a salad dressing.  Care to try it!

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Unknown said...

"almondigas" is meatball.
i love stuffed bell pepper. mahahabang pepper yata 'to kaya mahirap gawin.:p dapat siguro bell pepper.

Race said...

Hi Luna,

hindi naman may restaurant samin perfect nila yan kalangan lang hindi sobra ang filling para di sumabog :-)

thanks for dropping by!

maiylah said...

that looks like siling pangsigang stuffed with meat...yummy!!!! love that! the hotter the better, lol. hubby's friend cooks that with meat and cheese inside, wrapped in lumpia wrapper, then fried. i think if the lumpia wrapper is skipped then it can be baked, para less oil. :)

thanks, Race
enjoy the weekend!

Cheerful said...

i love the idea, maybe i can make this with red bell pepper para medyo easy, mukhang mahirap if its in that kind of chili. can't wait to try...happy weekend! :)

☺lani☺ said...

Sarap, love this! happy weekend!

Clarissa said...

Almonigas pala ang tawag sa food na yan--I had a taste of that but it's my first to know it's name.Looks yummy!^_^

Food Trip Friday

FoodTripFriday said...

I think I heard Almondigas mostly in Mexican place, maybe it's a mexican dish. :)

Cecile said...

yum, sarap nyan fave ni hubby ko :-)

Cacai M. said...

ooh that sure is yummy! Thanks for sharing.. I thought it's talong in a pic of FTF.. hehehe.. but nevertheless it's yumm2x!

Here's my food Trip Friday

MommyLES said...

mukhang masarap ito ah. kya lang mahirap atang gawin ito kasi maliit lang yung sili na pang sinigang. pero i'll try this recipe one of these days.

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Looks yummy to me! :D

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