Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Ready for the Contest

I just came home from school to configure my laptop with their printer for tomorrow’s competition. Gen will compete for basic encoding skills for Division level and they’re required to bring their own laptops, netbooks whatever they want to bring. Gen came home from school at lunch time to tell me that I need to setup my laptop with their printer which luckily is just the same as ours. 

When we competed for the District level last week only one contestant brought her own mini laptop because we were not advised. Gen and other contestants used the PC desktops available in the principal’s office. Since tomorrow’s contest is for inter-town’s school competition I’ll be expecting competitive students to challenge for the Division’s best and for sure there’ll be lots of laptop and netbook models to see like Compaq Presario Mini, Toshiba Netbook PC, Acer Aspire notebooks and many others.


mil3tt3 said...

ung mga post mo about your kids competing keeps on reminding me of my deceased mom. ganyan sya sa min ni ate. as in every academic competition namin sya ung number one fan namin. lagi on the go kahit san kami punta. malayo mararating ng gen pag ganyan ka kasupportive ;)

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