Friday, October 15, 2010

My 9th Day of Workout Exercise

I feel very good while working out and doing the cardio exercises online. I’ve finished 4 other exercises and finally reached my goal of one hour exercise in 10 days. I started with 10-minute exercise then doubled up to 20 and now I can do a one-hour straight fitness exercise, workout and aerobics . It was an achievement for me because I don’t have to buy the best fat burner my brother is recommending a few weeks ago. 

I was feeling very light when sweat came out from my body. It also necessitates me to drink plenty of water. I’m a water drinker from the start but when you’re doing any workout or exercise you tend to drink less of water. It’s the physical activities that drive you to drink water to regain your strength and breath. I just love it. I started last week and this is my 9th day. I skipped last weekend because we went to Inter-town competition of my daughter.


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