Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Watching TV

It’s been months since I saw television regularly. I just turned away from it for too long to test myself if I can get out of being so glued to television shows. I’m not a couch potato but I also spend some time watching cable movies and reality shows. I’m also fond of watching shows that pertains to music and nature. The test proved to be successful as I’ve passed it with flying colors. I just watched news and I avoided all telenovelas. Sometimes I watched special shows on my laptop.

Now after seeing nice home theater seating online few weeks ago I suddenly missed watching TV and started seeing my favorite reality shows and good movies on cable again but on limited time only. I regard my time as gold and so I spend most of it on reading, cooking, learning photography and writing. Sometimes I would watch shows with Mom to have some chit chat with her while I rest my back from working. On mornings I do some workout routines and take care of my kids’ needs. After all these things were done I work on my tasks until early afternoon before the kids came back from school. I find my time more useful and quality that way because I don’t follow daily shows that makes me sometimes addicted to watching them. It feels like they control my time and I don’t want it.


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