Friday, October 22, 2010

Taking Care of Her Skin

I noticed that my daughter’s skin is susceptible to dust and the skin on her face which used to be baby smooth is not that soft anymore. I guess it’s one of the things that any girl will experience when she enters adolescence period. I’m trying to help her with time proven tips and advices. I’ve bought her super mild cleansing foam for her face until she regains her smooth face complexion. 

I’m not that worried about acne because I’ve never experienced them when I was in my teens and hoping that they would inherit that from me. If ever she will have some zits I know I can come up with a good acne medication for her. For now I’m teaching her how to take care of her face and the proper way of cleaning and maintaining it. That’s one way also of preventing acne and other skin problems from occurring. We should remember that the skin on our face should the smoothest skin on our body because the beauty lies on having clean, clear and glowing skin on our face.


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