Friday, November 26, 2010

:FF/FTF: Watermelon Shake

This Watermelon fruit shake in Burgoo is a real thirst quencher as it came from all-natural watermelon and without additives, just pure juicy taste of red watermelon blended and topped with watermelon slice and cherry.  Just love it!  I had it at Burgoo when we dined for lunch for Bes JennyL's birthday.  I also met twitter online friends Zanne and Kaje.  Just like the yummy fruit shake I love my lunch dates!

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It Should be Treated

Having acne on your teenage years often gives you inferiority complex because you have shown imperfections on your face. This shouldn’t be so because it’s actually quite normal for most to experience having one or two acne. A friend of mine had a bad experience from having acne because it left a mark on his skin. It’s a common dilemma especially if we don’t follow instructions that pimples should be treated with acne treatment cream to prevent further breaking out of zits, acne and some skin problems. I was just thinking if there’s a cream that will treat acne and at the same time remove ugly scar.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Does it Work?

The son of our friend has developed too much acne on his face and now he didn’t know what to do or how to cure it. He doesn’t know much about the food that aggravates acne and pimples that’s why acne keep on popping up his face. He mumbled - does therapores work? I actually didn’t know anything about it so I searched about it to help him. I found out that it provides an all natural and advanced formula that can help eliminate acne finally and get the better results that you want. That is if the medicine can adapt to his skin type.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Edible Chocolate Filled Toadstools

These  fanciful woodland Toadstools are not only yummy but a delightful thing to see!  Here's what the maker has to say about these sweet embellishment.

Look what's pushed through the ground and into our kitchen!

Our fanciful woodland Toadstools are full of surprises. We haven't caught any pixies or gnomes lurking about (as of yet), but we have discovered a chocolate center inside each enchanted dome! These edible Chocolate Filled Toadstools are the sweet embellishment every enchanted confection needs, made from fresh sugar paste, and artisan chocolate, and topped with a frosty cocoa infused glaze. And like all our decorations, are handmade in our California kitchen and are given meticulous attention to detail.

This Listing is for 8 Toadstools of varying size ranging from 1" to 2" high and 3/4" to 1 1/2" wide. We've chosen dark red, green, blue and orange for the colors, but since each order is made fresh we're always open for suggestions.

Check them out at

Friday, November 19, 2010

:FF/FTF: Beach Picnic Foods

Kinilaw na Tamban

 Yellow Fin in Coco Milk

 Grilled Eggplant
Grilled Yellowfin
 Salted Eggs with Tomatoes
 Grilled Driedfish (Tawilis)

Chicken BBQ
These are the foods that we had two weeks ago first week of November in Tanza, Cavite beach.  It was a one-day plan beach picnic meant to spend the last holiday for family bonding.  We've chosen the nearest beach regardless of the gray sand and not so clear water because the weather was kinda cloudy and rainy. We just want to smell the fresh breeze of the sea and let the kids enjoy a day in the seaside.  The kids had fun as well as the adults.  Josh, Gen and Ruth enjoyed playing in the sand and creating castles, names, etc. 

I was not able to arrange the foods before I took the shots because we were already starving and started immediately after we prayed for the food.  Noticed the hand picking up the grilled fish? And the salted eggs which was obviously missing eggyolks lol!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Kitchen Plans for the Coming Holidays

This coming holiday season I’m planning to buy some baking equipment and supplies so I’ll be ready when enrolment in baking course will pursue. I asked DH to inquire in their school of convenient time schedule that I will possibly enrolled in. Anyway since another year will come in I think I’ll have more of those kitchen utensils I love like spyderco endura, food machines like blender or some more equipment like blender, sandwich maker, waffle maker and the like. I was so excited now that I’ll be able to afford some of the items in my kitchen wish lists earlier than usual.

Great Deals on Black Friday

Everyone is anxious about the coming Black Friday sale next week. As of yesterday I’ve been hearing news that stores are having some great deals on their products already and I was surprised that prices are really low compared to original prices. I just saw one of my wish lists there which is on sale until today only with less $50 but it’s not on my priority list so I just let it pass. I hope I’ll be able to get some nice deals when I’ll be able to afford it. I learned that the biggest attraction is the electronics section where I saw netbooks, mobile phones, external hard drive and many others are being offered at low low prices.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mistaken for a Pregnant Lady

There are many ways to burn belly fat but I have to know and learn the most effective because I’m always mistaken as pregnant. It always make me laugh when some of my friends whom I haven’t seen for sometime will ask me if I’m pregnant. I looked back at my old pictures I have when I was pregnant with my first kid and I agree with my friends I can be mistaken for that. I’ve been doing some workout exercises lately but I know it would take months before any result can be noticed. I should be more disciplined also with my time schedule if I want to lose some excess pounds on the belly.

Friday, November 12, 2010

:FF/FTF: Pizza Hut's Cheesy Pops

I’m craving for this now as I don't have time to go out to buy for myself.  This is Pizza Hut's Cheesy Pops.  It's a pizza with 24 pullable pops with mozzarella and cheddar.  This one is also my kids' favorite as well as the other pizza from the same store.  Several years back when stuffed crust and cheesy pops is not yet in their menu I was happy with their pan pizza and my all time favorite Super Supreme but now the kids will ask for this as this is so tempting to look at their menu.

Actually we're a family that loves pizza that much and we're happy even with the local community pizza here which is also yummy and affordable too.  They have family pizza for little less than P200 only which taste so good. 
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Flower Power

Anytime of the year I love flowers and that’s the reason why I joined the flower meme in my main blog. Whenever I see flowers I can’t help my cam from taking shots, it’s a natural instinct of me, in fact I have a collection of various flowers I’ve seen through my travels and activities. On special occasions it’s one of the things that I love receiving from my husband. He’s fond of giving me various colors of roses throughout our courtship, engagement period and up until now that we’re 13 years married to each other. It has a sentimental effect on me like what you can call as flower power because a single rose can brighten up my day. 

Maybe I got the same penchant for flowers from my Mom who has a flower garden too. If I want to make her happy I would buy her small budding flower plants in the pot which she can grow and add to her collection. It’s a hobby she love doing even if she’s old already. She also loves receiving flowers from her friends. I was thinking that maybe when I reached her age I will also devote some of my time to arranging and caring for flower plants. I love doing it but for now I’m very busy with my three kids and their school activities.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Returned to Workout Routine

I was happy that I was able to return to my workout exercise which I missed for two weeks since DH and kids had their semestral break. It was a relief to have those breaks from school routine even for several days only because I can wake up early morning and not at dawn. But those vacation days prevented me from having my regular exercise because we’re always on the go and we have plenty of activities that I find it hard to squeeze in my workout schedule. 

Oh well I still don’t have to take slimming pills right now as I easily programmed my body and mind to return to my cardio workout and aerobic exercises. I’m still hoping that through one-hour workout routine I can manage to be fit and slimmer in the coming months. Of course it should be done with diet plan on the side because regular exercise and proper diet plan are two basic ways to get fit, healthy and slim.

Friday, November 5, 2010

:FF/FTF: Healthy & Economical Chicharon Tofu

See this crunchy yummy tofu?  It's our favorite pika food or it can be a healthy quick cooking viand for the whole family.  This tofu comes from soya beans but anyone can eat this even those with rheumatism or arthritis.  I know more than a dozen recipe using tofu because I found out through my own experimental cooking that it can replace pork or any meat ingredient in vegetable recipes.  I used it in sauteed bitter gourd, in pechay with oyster sauce, in sauteed togue, in chopsuey, in sauteed baguio beans and many others.  It's also a good ingredient in omelette.  If you will cook a tofu omelette you'll find it so creamy you'll think it has milk on it.

Anyway I've featured this chicharon tofu on one of my blogs and now I'm doing it again on this food blog of mine.  First you have to cut it in small cubes (see pic#1) then dip it in the mixture of 2 Tbsp soy sauce and half cup of water.  Second, spread some garlic or cheese breading on it (see pic#2).  Then you're ready to fry it, make sure you have enough cooking oil  to accommodate deep frying to prevent tofu from absorbing the oil.  When it's well done and brownish in color sprinkle cold water on it, let it stay for another minute then you're done (pic#3). 

My kids love it and I'm sure yours will love it too.  Try this economical and healthy recipe.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Droppers for October 2010

Dropper # of drops
Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog 4
Meow Diaries 3
More than I can Chew 3
Patsy's Words of Wisdom 3
My Online and Offline World 3
Fledgling Blogger 3
Laane on the World 3
Momspective 3
Positive men 2
Life With Roxxymetal 2

At Home and In-Charge

It’s nice to be at home especially on the last two weeks that DH was on his semestral break from school. He attended all things on the house that needs repair, check-up and maintenance especially on our car. He was able to see that the problem is with alternator and not on the battery. He still needs to consult our mechanic about it and he scheduled it on this coming Saturday as they’ve started their second semester again. Back to the car it really needs some additional here and there like new wiper motor, spare tire for long travel and overall check-up on the electrical system to ensure best performance for our heavy-loaded travel to camp meeting which will carry our four-day clothing, food and other essentials.

I don’t mind the expenses as long as it will be on perfect running condition as I hate stopping on the road to fix car trouble, well except for those little unexpected trouble which is not foreseen. I believe in checking up the car before starting on long travel because it saves us worries, trouble and money.  We’re asking Mom that she could come with us since the venue of our camp meeting is near to our house. It’s actually on the town after us near the highlands. We’ve checked if she’ll be comfortable with the car and saw that the running boards will be a great help to my Mom in getting in the car.

My brother who was the first owner of the car made it a point to include it in his check-up list when he bought the car. He wanted those running boards to help Mom and other old folks in climbing and getting into the car. It’s an easy way also for the kids to get in the vehicle fast and easy. Well for those who want the best running boards and other accessories like wheels, tires, dashboard kits, headlights, air intakes and more for their cars they can get it at, an online automotive accessories for your exterior and interior needs.