Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At Home and In-Charge

It’s nice to be at home especially on the last two weeks that DH was on his semestral break from school. He attended all things on the house that needs repair, check-up and maintenance especially on our car. He was able to see that the problem is with alternator and not on the battery. He still needs to consult our mechanic about it and he scheduled it on this coming Saturday as they’ve started their second semester again. Back to the car it really needs some additional here and there like new wiper motor, spare tire for long travel and overall check-up on the electrical system to ensure best performance for our heavy-loaded travel to camp meeting which will carry our four-day clothing, food and other essentials.

I don’t mind the expenses as long as it will be on perfect running condition as I hate stopping on the road to fix car trouble, well except for those little unexpected trouble which is not foreseen. I believe in checking up the car before starting on long travel because it saves us worries, trouble and money.  We’re asking Mom that she could come with us since the venue of our camp meeting is near to our house. It’s actually on the town after us near the highlands. We’ve checked if she’ll be comfortable with the car and saw that the running boards will be a great help to my Mom in getting in the car.

My brother who was the first owner of the car made it a point to include it in his check-up list when he bought the car. He wanted those running boards to help Mom and other old folks in climbing and getting into the car. It’s an easy way also for the kids to get in the vehicle fast and easy. Well for those who want the best running boards and other accessories like wheels, tires, dashboard kits, headlights, air intakes and more for their cars they can get it at, an online automotive accessories for your exterior and interior needs.


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