Friday, November 19, 2010

:FF/FTF: Beach Picnic Foods

Kinilaw na Tamban

 Yellow Fin in Coco Milk

 Grilled Eggplant
Grilled Yellowfin
 Salted Eggs with Tomatoes
 Grilled Driedfish (Tawilis)

Chicken BBQ
These are the foods that we had two weeks ago first week of November in Tanza, Cavite beach.  It was a one-day plan beach picnic meant to spend the last holiday for family bonding.  We've chosen the nearest beach regardless of the gray sand and not so clear water because the weather was kinda cloudy and rainy. We just want to smell the fresh breeze of the sea and let the kids enjoy a day in the seaside.  The kids had fun as well as the adults.  Josh, Gen and Ruth enjoyed playing in the sand and creating castles, names, etc. 

I was not able to arrange the foods before I took the shots because we were already starving and started immediately after we prayed for the food.  Noticed the hand picking up the grilled fish? And the salted eggs which was obviously missing eggyolks lol!

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maiylah said...

yummmm...ang sarap naman nyan, lalo na ung grilled driedfish! isang platter ng rice makakain ko nyan pag ganyan ang handaan! lol. :)

happy weekend, Race

FoodTripFriday said...

Sarap naman ng mga baon nyo.

Mel_Cole said...

Ate, nag-laway po ako. Super, it made me nostalgic of what I ate at home. Nag-inun unan po ako this week. Husband hated the smell.

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MommyLES said...

ang sarap nman nyan. pang picnic talaga. i'm sure ubos yan.

agent112778 said...

i want to have the grilled yellow fin tuna and the chicken

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cheerful said...

wow sis, ang sarap-sarap nito...i need lots of rice, itlog na maalat, inihaw na talong at tawilis, ok na ako. yum! ginutom mo ako, grabe! hehehe! pwede sawsawan pa, suka, toyo-mansi...super craving for those na ako ngayon talaga! happy weekend! :)

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