Friday, November 5, 2010

:FF/FTF: Healthy & Economical Chicharon Tofu

See this crunchy yummy tofu?  It's our favorite pika food or it can be a healthy quick cooking viand for the whole family.  This tofu comes from soya beans but anyone can eat this even those with rheumatism or arthritis.  I know more than a dozen recipe using tofu because I found out through my own experimental cooking that it can replace pork or any meat ingredient in vegetable recipes.  I used it in sauteed bitter gourd, in pechay with oyster sauce, in sauteed togue, in chopsuey, in sauteed baguio beans and many others.  It's also a good ingredient in omelette.  If you will cook a tofu omelette you'll find it so creamy you'll think it has milk on it.

Anyway I've featured this chicharon tofu on one of my blogs and now I'm doing it again on this food blog of mine.  First you have to cut it in small cubes (see pic#1) then dip it in the mixture of 2 Tbsp soy sauce and half cup of water.  Second, spread some garlic or cheese breading on it (see pic#2).  Then you're ready to fry it, make sure you have enough cooking oil  to accommodate deep frying to prevent tofu from absorbing the oil.  When it's well done and brownish in color sprinkle cold water on it, let it stay for another minute then you're done (pic#3). 

My kids love it and I'm sure yours will love it too.  Try this economical and healthy recipe.
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maiylah said...

did you use the soft tofu? interesting technique, Race. how come you sprinkle cold water after frying?
would love to try this at home. :)

FoodTripFriday said...

All I need is my spicy vinegar dip!

Cheerful said...

we are not tofu fans but this one that you've made looks so yummy...happy friday! :)

Unknown said...

naku, my friend who is perpetually on diet would love this. tofu na lang yata ang kinakain n'on (pero di pa rin pumapayat :p).

agent112778 said...

to ate Maiylah : while the food is still in the oil, you sprinkle cold water to make the fried food more crispier and have that "pop" effect.

To ate Race : i love fried tofu too. i do fry it in cubes too for easy to cook, fun bite size pieces

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Jenn said...

This would be great with soy sauce/vinegar dip!

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☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

never have tufo yet but i want to try one day

Have some of my FTF yummies

MommyLES said...

healthy alternative, thanks for sharing

Mich said...

looks yummy! Thanks for sharing sis :)

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