Friday, November 12, 2010

Flower Power

Anytime of the year I love flowers and that’s the reason why I joined the flower meme in my main blog. Whenever I see flowers I can’t help my cam from taking shots, it’s a natural instinct of me, in fact I have a collection of various flowers I’ve seen through my travels and activities. On special occasions it’s one of the things that I love receiving from my husband. He’s fond of giving me various colors of roses throughout our courtship, engagement period and up until now that we’re 13 years married to each other. It has a sentimental effect on me like what you can call as flower power because a single rose can brighten up my day. 

Maybe I got the same penchant for flowers from my Mom who has a flower garden too. If I want to make her happy I would buy her small budding flower plants in the pot which she can grow and add to her collection. It’s a hobby she love doing even if she’s old already. She also loves receiving flowers from her friends. I was thinking that maybe when I reached her age I will also devote some of my time to arranging and caring for flower plants. I love doing it but for now I’m very busy with my three kids and their school activities.


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