Thursday, November 11, 2010

Returned to Workout Routine

I was happy that I was able to return to my workout exercise which I missed for two weeks since DH and kids had their semestral break. It was a relief to have those breaks from school routine even for several days only because I can wake up early morning and not at dawn. But those vacation days prevented me from having my regular exercise because we’re always on the go and we have plenty of activities that I find it hard to squeeze in my workout schedule. 

Oh well I still don’t have to take slimming pills right now as I easily programmed my body and mind to return to my cardio workout and aerobic exercises. I’m still hoping that through one-hour workout routine I can manage to be fit and slimmer in the coming months. Of course it should be done with diet plan on the side because regular exercise and proper diet plan are two basic ways to get fit, healthy and slim.


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