Monday, December 27, 2010

Still Crowded

It’s past over Christmas but there are still many shoppers in the mall making me cancel my shopping schedule at the last minute. I feel tired with my severe backache and crowd will make me so sick. I saw a man in wheelchair pushing his way at the entrance and I’m relieved that there are handicapped signs helping him which entrance to go. Maybe he’ll have some shopping to do also and didn’t know that the mall is still crowded. As for me I will visit the mall stores tomorrow as I’ve shopped half of what I need in the bazaar near our place. I was warned by my Mom that I was not allowed to go shopping more than two hours as that would aggravate my back condition. I should rest also.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anniversary Gift Ideas

My friend just got married last year and now she’s thinking of unique and very personal 1st year anniversary gift ideas that would make the occasion remembered so sweetly. I told her to choose and look online for very unique ideas and I’m glad she listened to my advice. Now she’s very delighted with her choice of gift and she knows it would make her husband think that she loves him dearly. Anniversary gifts can really touch the heart of many especially if it’s carefully chosen for the one they love.

Friday, December 17, 2010

FF/FTF: Homemade Cakes

It's my MIL's birthday last Dec. 3 and I'm so late in posting this.  Anyway we went there late afternoon but stayed until weekends which make for a great bonding for all.  We felt like we're in a real vacation every time we're there. I'm blessed to have loving in-laws from MIL to FIL up to my husband's siblings.  Never had any problem with them, feel like they're my own family also.  

These were all homemade goodies.  I've ordered the Black Forest cake from a Cherry Dane Cakes and Cookies, a friend's creation from her own kitchen while the  rice cake or biko was cooked by MIL. Of course birthdays would never be birthdays if there's no pancit or spaghetti.  We arrived late because we have to wait for all my kids to arrive home and MIL blew the other mocca cake bought by SIL.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hometown Beach Vacation

Many of my friends now are planning their vacation early next year and learning their vacation trips make me yearn for a vacation. I’ve been looking at various vacationing resorts including Outer Banks rental and though I would love to go to one of those dream vacation places I know it’s not time yet time and finance wise. We’re actually planning a domestic vacation only in my husband’s hometown by the beach. He has never been there and next year he wants us to join his Mom when she travels to Samar. Hope they’ll go after the school ends so we can come too. I heard the beach is so lovely on that part of the island and I would love the fresh sea breeze there.

Skipping Healthy Meal Plan and Workout

I felt so bad yesterday night with breathing difficulty which resulted from staying overnight for one week and heavy meals at night. I’m not really a heavy eater at dinner but my overloaded tasks made me yearn for something that can see me through late nights and that’s of course some foods that can replenish my strength and energy on working. Maybe I have gone overboard with the thought that I need more food to keep me awake but that’s what I felt last week. 

The pounds that I’ve lost for three months came back with more when I stopped my meal plan for three weeks. I was afraid of the side effects of diet pills that I didn’t took any of those. If only I have maintained my workout maybe my body will not react much on my midnight snacks because when I maintain my exercise I feel very light and very fit. Now I promise myself that when I start to feel stronger I will go back in my meal plan and workout exercise and that should be in few days from now. Wishes!

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Committing yourself to one person is a major decision you do in your life. You do it because of love and your dream to build a family together with the one you love. Wedding happens to fulfil the commitment made by both of you. In my life getting married is one of the best decisions I’ve made and it’s one of the most memorable moments I cherished until now. It’s not about how perfect or how grand the wedding was but how much you love the person you vowed your promise to. Just thinking about those moments made me feel blessed and thankful to God for giving me not the perfect but the right partner in life. In this life nobody’s perfect but there’s one that’s right for you who will love you and whom you will love forever.

 Time flies so fast and we’re happy that we’ve gone this far after that blessed wedding day. We’re now heading through our 14th wedding anniversary and even if it’s still four months to go I’ve been thinking what anniversary gifts should I give to one special man in my life on that special day. I want him to feel special and have been searching online for unique gift to give him. I want something special regardless of the price be it ordinary or expensive. 

I saw that has suggestive ideas for traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year and for ours it’s an Ivory-inspired gifts like ivory roses, teddy bear, photo frames, shirts and more. They have a range of funny and romantic presents for the special person you’ve married all these years. Love never grows old; actually it grows stronger and healthier over the years as long as you give your tender loving care. I’m looking forward to more years of blissful married life with Ed together with our 3 kids.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Looking for Custom Made Table

I’m searching again for laptop table that I can carry around the house and can be adjusted to at least 3 heights so I can use various sizes of chairs. DH told me that we’ll go the furniture store that caters mainly for various kinds of tables so I can choose the best. But I was actually looking online for laptop table that can relieve me from stress in my work, one that’s functional and adjustable just like the point of care carts that I saw in one of my surfing mode. It has all the benefits installed and make for a very comfortable working cart in the hospital. I actually love how they create their carts very functional, durable, high quality and professional looking.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Impressive Company Presentation

Good advertising materials make for a good presentation for the company’s products and services. I learned it in my previous telecommunications company selling prepaid cards, IDD, wholesale termination and corporate calls. We were selling calls to anywhere in the world at very affordable rates but we’re not known then because we’re just starting out eight years ago. We have a good business and marketing manager then and she insisted on having an attractive custom presentation folders to go with our company profile when they have a client call. It’s important that you have a nice presentation verbally and in documentation to create a good impression on the client. Good quality service will follow then to maintain clients.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More than My Year-End Pay

Everybody now seems to need plenty of cash for shopping clothes, food, appliances and so much more. It’s the time of the year to buy something not just for our family and friends but for our house as well. I see to it that I buy something new every year. This time I’ll buy small kitchen appliances that I will use for blending, for toasting, for baking and others. Hope I will not have to need cash advance to do my shopping because I want to buy my kitchen wish list on my savings. I’ve waited for the end of the year to buy them because I will be able to get the money I saved in our cooperative. I really saved some cash so I will not miss the yearly 13th month pay I used to have for almost two decades. When I got hold of my coop savings it’s much more than my regular company 13th month pay and bonus.

Online Shopping for Online Workers

With the rush for shopping on malls this month I would lovely have mine online because it’s not only comfortable and convenient but you can also use coupons to avail discounts which I love best. Yes I love finding the best deals in town because it made me feel I’m making the most of my hard-earned money. One nice thought has been playing with my mind and that’s spending your online earnings through online shopping, it does make a good rhyme isn’t it? Well I’m not much of a shopping gal but I do love gadgets and every birthday of my life I must have one little gadget for myself. Now I’m thinking which I will buy first.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple Life in the Province

My cousin who lived in our house for sometime in the past visited us and updated us with our relatives condition there. Every time she visits us I always remember how nice and simple to live in the province. Time is longer there also as there are no rushing over going to work or beating traffic jam and others. I’ve lived for seven years there when I was still a child and those years were very memorable to me. Just seeing some horse tack on the animal store I browsed online makes me long for the horse ride at the farm with sibling. Well there are plenty of memories there and I’m happy that those are good ones. We’re planning to have a vacation there next year.

Expense Priority

I’m finished with my wish list this coming birthday of mine and bought half of them already. I’m just thinking if I should continue my plan of buying Windows phone because it’s too expensive if I buy it without the plan contract. Anyway I think I’ll just wait for the anniversary of my laptop then I’ll decide. My priority next month is saving up for our duplex home and for the kids’ tuition fees next school year. Gen will be graduating from primary schooling and she’ll join her sister. I’ll have three kids in private school next year and that should be saved upon. I’ve seen some Prada handbags while I was surfing the net for some house decors and I can’t help liking it. I was lucky though that my PP doesn’t have enough funds to buy it so I was spared of shopping for the thing that I don’t really need this time of the year.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Easy Dinner Recipes and More

I was searching through nice recipes for my birthday and holiday season these past few days because I want something new to cook. I’ve visited some nice sites already but most requires foreign ingredients so I contented myself with planning my own original recipes. Then while I was studying one site for my work I came upon Tidings and saw easy dinner recipes and some budget friendly products they offer on the site. I just love having those easy recipes for quick cooking when I have visitors in the house. They make entertaining guests a delightful task to do. 

Tidings are a great help and you can visit the site for more finds of high quality products they have plus the contributors to their site. They have wines, mixology, eats, recipes, magazines and blogs to help those who want to enjoy their recipes and tips on cooking and entertaining.

Handed Skills and Know-How

Just learned some home tips from my Mom and I’m thankful that Mom was a former Home Economic teacher that I can learn from her various know-how in managing household. I have a mother and teacher all-in-one and I have her all to myself as we’re always together. I regard it as one lucky thing for me because I can get first hand information about cooking, housekeeping, first aid medication and counselling all from my dear mother. Some of my friends were envy about it but they’re happy for me. 

I was thinking that it’s also the same with DH because his father can teach him everything about car repair because he’s the chief mechanic in one of the bus companies in town. When DH got his first owner-type jeepney his father taught him about many important parts of the car like battery, alternator, brakes and brake pads, clutch, tires, lights, oil and all things that pertains to keeping up the car in perfect running condition. He actually gave all his precious collection of tools needed to repair cars, buses and all types of vehicles. He’s happy that one of his sons took after his skills on car mechanic and repair.

Kitchen Inventory

I’m always doing my kitchen inventory at the end of every year to check my utensils and needed things in the kitchen. I take advantage of holiday sales and discounts to buy new things for home and kitchen. I’m actually more inclined to purchase accessories, decors and utensils like coffee sets, pans for baking, utility knife in various sizes, pots and many others. I love cooking and baking and it feels good to collect things I used to enjoy my favorite hobbies. This year I think I’ll add new oven toaster for quick bread toasting, blender/osterizer for quick fruit shakes, sandwich maker for my kids’ cravings for yummy sandwiches and some other small kitchen appliances.

Friday, December 3, 2010

:FF/FTF: Mango Bravo

This is Contis' Mango Bravo which our dear celebrant Sir Bob had for his birthday.  It's an advance birthday celebration and a get together lunch date with former BT&T office friends.  Had fun reminiscing good old times in BT&T Telecoms with my good old friends.  Missed them so much especially our very dear boss Sir Bob who will be celebrating his 65th birthday tomorrow. We dined at Seoul Korea Barbeque, my boss' favorite. I'll post the foods there next week.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Town’s Full Recovery

It’s going to be few days left before the celebration of the most festive holiday of the year and since it’s also my birth month I’m busy with planning my recipe menu for reunions, get together, my birthday and New Year’s Eve. Some of my friends are getting rushed over shopping activities but others are just busy admiring their decors on their christmas trees which some imitated styles and designs on the mall’s displays. 

I was surprised to see our town hall’s giant Christmas tree which was built and designed just before our town fiesta last Tuesday and yesterday. Our town always celebrate it for two consecutive days and the town was in full excitement and shopping chaos with booth sale, garage sale, food booths and amusement rides. It feels like people are better now than last year’s situation after the onslaught of Ondoy. I’m happy that the whole town has recovered fully from the said situation.