Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Expense Priority

I’m finished with my wish list this coming birthday of mine and bought half of them already. I’m just thinking if I should continue my plan of buying Windows phone because it’s too expensive if I buy it without the plan contract. Anyway I think I’ll just wait for the anniversary of my laptop then I’ll decide. My priority next month is saving up for our duplex home and for the kids’ tuition fees next school year. Gen will be graduating from primary schooling and she’ll join her sister. I’ll have three kids in private school next year and that should be saved upon. I’ve seen some Prada handbags while I was surfing the net for some house decors and I can’t help liking it. I was lucky though that my PP doesn’t have enough funds to buy it so I was spared of shopping for the thing that I don’t really need this time of the year.


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