Monday, December 6, 2010

Handed Skills and Know-How

Just learned some home tips from my Mom and I’m thankful that Mom was a former Home Economic teacher that I can learn from her various know-how in managing household. I have a mother and teacher all-in-one and I have her all to myself as we’re always together. I regard it as one lucky thing for me because I can get first hand information about cooking, housekeeping, first aid medication and counselling all from my dear mother. Some of my friends were envy about it but they’re happy for me. 

I was thinking that it’s also the same with DH because his father can teach him everything about car repair because he’s the chief mechanic in one of the bus companies in town. When DH got his first owner-type jeepney his father taught him about many important parts of the car like battery, alternator, brakes and brake pads, clutch, tires, lights, oil and all things that pertains to keeping up the car in perfect running condition. He actually gave all his precious collection of tools needed to repair cars, buses and all types of vehicles. He’s happy that one of his sons took after his skills on car mechanic and repair.


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