Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More than My Year-End Pay

Everybody now seems to need plenty of cash for shopping clothes, food, appliances and so much more. It’s the time of the year to buy something not just for our family and friends but for our house as well. I see to it that I buy something new every year. This time I’ll buy small kitchen appliances that I will use for blending, for toasting, for baking and others. Hope I will not have to need cash advance to do my shopping because I want to buy my kitchen wish list on my savings. I’ve waited for the end of the year to buy them because I will be able to get the money I saved in our cooperative. I really saved some cash so I will not miss the yearly 13th month pay I used to have for almost two decades. When I got hold of my coop savings it’s much more than my regular company 13th month pay and bonus.


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