Monday, December 13, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Committing yourself to one person is a major decision you do in your life. You do it because of love and your dream to build a family together with the one you love. Wedding happens to fulfil the commitment made by both of you. In my life getting married is one of the best decisions I’ve made and it’s one of the most memorable moments I cherished until now. It’s not about how perfect or how grand the wedding was but how much you love the person you vowed your promise to. Just thinking about those moments made me feel blessed and thankful to God for giving me not the perfect but the right partner in life. In this life nobody’s perfect but there’s one that’s right for you who will love you and whom you will love forever.

 Time flies so fast and we’re happy that we’ve gone this far after that blessed wedding day. We’re now heading through our 14th wedding anniversary and even if it’s still four months to go I’ve been thinking what anniversary gifts should I give to one special man in my life on that special day. I want him to feel special and have been searching online for unique gift to give him. I want something special regardless of the price be it ordinary or expensive. 

I saw that has suggestive ideas for traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year and for ours it’s an Ivory-inspired gifts like ivory roses, teddy bear, photo frames, shirts and more. They have a range of funny and romantic presents for the special person you’ve married all these years. Love never grows old; actually it grows stronger and healthier over the years as long as you give your tender loving care. I’m looking forward to more years of blissful married life with Ed together with our 3 kids.


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