Friday, December 30, 2011

Keeping Warm on Vacation

We had a great time vacationing in Baguio and as expected the weather is so cold it reached down to 14degrees. I’m prepared for the weather and I’ve brought not just enough warm clothes but more than we could need. I’ve brought 5 cardigans for myself only and I required the kids to bring 2-3 sweater and jackets which we used for 4 day-stay. My Mom’s friend offered her 3-storey house to the whole church congregation and we stayed there in the morning and evening only.

We stayed most of daytime outside and we returned to the house at night time. We experienced the coldest temperature at the park and we’re glad we have our down jackets with us to keep us warm enough. We had our biking and boating in the night and without the jackets we would not survive the cold. The kids want to make the most of our vacation so I agreed to stay at the park until 10 in the evening with only few people left there aside from us. When we returned home from our vacation they asked me if we can go back again this coming summer. They really had a great time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Party Games

In our company lunch party last Friday we had various games on the table. Our boss played one part of the game and he got so excited and so funny. We also had some raffle and I won one of the major prizes which made me wonder because I don’t win on raffle draws since I was young. I was telling myself that maybe the company is lucky to me. We had our bring me contest which made me think what if the boss asked Old Gringo Boots to bring to him.

I haven’t seen any of us wearing boots so it will be changed to a thing that we will not easily see. The party went well at TGI Fridays and everybody is happy about the food there and of course the gift certificates for all employees. It’s our first party and we’re looking forward to what’s in store for us in the coming years to come.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wise Finances in the Coming Year

Fast and quick money are possible through an instant cash advance online in the internet. Processing is very easy and no delay of funds. It’s always on time when you needed it most just like money is there knocking at your door. Many people experiencing pile of debts and financial obligations in life need not think that it’s the end of the road for them. We can close the year 2011 with a worry-free debt because internet is not just popular for our kids because of an online gaming but also for adult individuals who needs to borrow money as well. Worldwide web are useful for a people who are in need of instant cash. People can transact business, fill-up application form by only using an internet access available to everyone.

Great privilege awaits people who are employed and interested in getting the help of cash advance online. People can plan for this coming year with a fruitful living because 2011 brought us full of lessons in our financial lifestyles. We know now through those experiences what things are really important to prioritize buying. We should prioritize the things that we really need in our day to day living in order for us to prevent having mountains of debt. Start the incoming year right with a much-planned finances.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Education and Investment Plans

Hubby and I were talking about the kids’ college education and we want to plan as early as possible. Two years from now Ruth will be entering tertiary education and she’s hinting that she wants to be a Civil Engineer just like my brother. She has flair for designing houses and interior decorations so I think it will suit her perfectly.

As I’m into online writing and maintain a regular corporate work I’m planning to save some of my blogging money so we can invest into something that will give us extra income in the years to come.  An idea of putting investment on ms70 gold eagle came to my mind but I still have to earn and save more to buy it. Anyway having a goal is something that will make us strive more so I’m looking at that goal and maybe one day we’ll have it achieved for the benefit of our children.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Risky Job

On my way to NTC yesterday I passed by two electricians working on some electrical posts with trouble. Every time I see man working on high posts it made me feel dizzy as if I’m one of those men I wouldn’t stand working at that height. I have fear of height and it’s a relief now that I’m able to work at the 32nd floor of one of buildings in Ortigas Center. Anyway as I had a hard time getting a cab there I watched the men working on cables and assumed that they must be using heatshrink tubing and caps on their cables so as to seal, insulate and shield cables and wires. It’s a delicate and risky job and the men were skilled and properly trained before they were sent to do the job. I’m relieved that I have a different job lol!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Looking for Good Deals

I’ve been budgeting and planning my incoming online salary to include my target gadget in my wish list. I really would love to buy a bigger zoom capacity digicam because I’m tired of fixing distance shots sometimes. The whole family will go to Baguio before the year ends and I’ll certainly use the new cam there. Anyway I’m also searching online and browsing at some blackfriday sales to look for some real good deals specifically on cameras. There are plenty of things on sales but I really want a new camera. Anyway I’ve seen the price and it’s low compared to what I’ve seen on camera stores.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Choice of Gifts

My cousin is thinking about gifts for his friends, family and relatives because he’s making the list this week. He didn’t want to forget anyone so he asked me to go over the list and tell who’s not on it. After verifying the list and assuring him that it’s complete he then assigned certain gifts for each one of them. He’s thinking about getting some fuente cigars for one of his pals in college but when I told him of health risks he obliged and didn’t persisted. He and his friends are not young anymore and they should be thinking of healthy lifestyle now. When I get back on his list of gift items I saw that he replaced them with men’s accessories for a change. Glad we didn’t argue on the matter.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Protecting Your House from Pests

How can we live peacefully and free from any destroying house ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, termites and other pests in the house? I have listed most of the irritating pests and there are more inside and outside your house. The only thing you can do is do regular cleaning up, make necessary move and do quick solutions pest control right now to lessen your burden. Those small creatures are the uninvited guests in your home and soon they will ruin your house slowly because they‘re rapidly growing in numbers without us noticing their populated growth.

How can we stop them? There should be an urgent action immediately if you want to lengthen the durability and strength of your house structures. You might be living in a building and running a business but you must also invest for the safety of your establishment. Properties you secure is incomparable with the savings you gained from pest control. You can get the help of home pest control services who can help you with all problems on managing pest control. They will fight against those destructive forces that ruined the structures of your properties. With their untiring effort your properties will be safely guarded even you’re asleep in the night or when you left your house. There must be wise, effective approach and a long lasting treatment inside and outside your house in order to secure it from harmful pests.

I have been worried for the past few days due to some undone cleaning housework. I found out that some of our walls are partly destroyed by some termites and one of my bags filled with old important documents are already eaten by those insects. I know it happens in every house around the globe in rural and in urban environment and it’s just a matter of choosing pest control solutions that will stop these pests from invading your house. The best way we can do is safely secure our homes and properties and hire trusted pest fighters to battle house ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mice, mosquitoes, rats, silverfish, termites and all pests that might give your structures a threat on destruction.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Contractor Surety Bonds

I spent most of my career life working in a multi-million family consulting firm handling several construction projects in private and government sectors. Roads, bridges, flyovers and infrastructures are some of the successful completed projects that we had turned over to the government. I was involved in placing key personnel in the field and also in the bidding process. There are many requirements that we must submit and accomplished before we will be given the chance to get those projects. To top it all when the project is awarded to us we should comply with some legalities and surety bond insurance just like California contractor bonds which provides financial security and construction assurance on building and construction projects.

I know that all information supplied by my office is very important so I assured all details are specific, true and in good faith because all of those jobs are bonded with surety. The law states that anyone who handles that kind of construction project should be guaranteed by a Surety. The licensed surety company will stand as a third party and play an important role to assure the project owner that in any case that problem arises there will be financial assistance to protect the project.

In construction business there are many things that you have to consider. It’s a big responsibility and obligation that you must shoulder. In crucial situations contractor bonds will reflect your business as an orderly, responsible and honest construction firm to every deal with your project owner. You must guarantee to finish any project with dignity, honor and assurance. All contracts that you signed will be supported by contractor bonds to guarantee the performance and financial obligation of the principal or the contractor to the project owner. The licensed surety company should specialize in this kind of agreement and stand as a powerful partner in both sides.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

High Quality Oak Furniture

When you want to purchase the right furniture for your house or to your office you will not only settle for the design and style presented to you in furniture showroom but will also seek for high quality as well. You have to be assured that what you are buying are dependable and quality made furniture. In this regard durable made  Amish oak furniture comes first to its 100% skilled made solid wood, back-up by the full guarantee of the manufacturer and the store itself. 

They carry wide selection of furniture design and with 20 different colors to choose from, their variety includes Amish gliders, dining room tables, dining room chairs, kitchen stools, bedroom sets, hutches, buffets, computer armoires, bookcases, end tables, rockers, entertainment centers, desks, office pieces, pie safes and knick-knacks. You can also choose what particular custom color-matching you want to suit your specific taste and requirements. The furniture manufacturer and store dealer wants their customer to be satisfied with their products and to have regular customers that will keep on coming back for their home and office furniture needs.

Amish oak furniture are designed and handled by hundreds of talented craftsmen who passed through the time of testing and several years of perfecting their furniture handicraft. Their expertise in their line of duty is incomparable in terms of their works and they put their heart and mind so that their masterpiece will become excellent in the eyes of their loyal customers. They can assure you that the furniture you will choose will last longer and you can pass it to the next coming generation. They will guarantee you that every room of your house can be furnished with fine-looking stylish furniture made with quality craftsmanship. Amish oak furniture is a product of wise master builder who designed every piece to be an outstanding decorative art.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special Personalized Gifts

I’ve been thinking about unique gifts for the kids since I always give them the usual clothes, toys, bags, purses and drawing kits. This coming holiday ideas of giving personalized items like customized shirts, printed bags, Personalized Stamps and other unique gifts keep coming to my thoughts. I’ve always loved receiving customized or personalized gifts because I feel so special. Last year my best friend gave me a pouch with a scrapped design of my family’s picture. I was surprised and happy to see it and looked back to remember how she got the picture from me. 

She asked for a copy of our family picture few months before I received the gift for the reason that she’s going to use it for her digital scrapping. Oh well that was halfway true because she really used it for scrapping but only for her design works but for my pouch. I find her gift priceless, very precious and more valuable than jewelry. I’m sure kids would also love seeing their name or pictures on the things and accessories that I would give them. It would surely delight them to own personalized unique belongings just like me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

High Technology Education

I’m glad that hubby can now apply what he has studied upon on his electronics course. He has repaired some of our electronic appliances and last week he was able to bring my desktop computer back to running condition again. We didn’t use the desktop for one year when its power supply malfunctioned and since I had my new laptop then so we didn’t rush the repair. My husband’s repair of my desktop computer was just in time for the kids’ dilemma on their own desktop malfunction. Now they’ll using my desktop as replacement and happy that it’s faster than their own.

We’ve thought about buying discount computers few months ago because the kids can’t work on one computer only when they both have rush school assignments. But now we’re thinking it over because the other desktop is now under repair and soon they’ll have two units to work on. It led me to believe that education now is rather expensive and demands high technology because when I was studying we didn’t have to do our assignments on computers and we didn’t have to submit some of them online.

Mall Wide Sale

The mall stores near our office is currently on big sale this weekend and as I pass by those malls yesterday I saw hundreds of shoppers trying to get a good bargain on various stores located on the mall. Some of the shoppers did their early shopping for holidays as they want to take advantage of 50-70% discount on bags, shoes, clothing, house ware and many other things. I noticed that they usually buy for their kids’ things and clothing first before they buy for their own things. 

I wonder if there are available tattoo clothing in one of the stores there because they’ll be happy to see nice designs on shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. I’m sure kids and teenagers would want to wear them this holiday season if ever they’ll be able to have one or more of those beautifully-designed shirts. Anyway since I intentionally avoided the mall for frugal purposes I didn’t found it myself. I just saw some who came out holding 3 bags or more with satisfied face that they were able to get good deals on their purchases.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

House Make Over

I’ve been planning up things now with my siblings and we’re very happy about it. If plan pushed through and finances will be ready I’ll have to finalize our renovation plans in the house. How I will love to have granite countertops in the kitchen or tiles of such kind in the bathroom and some other place in the house. I’ve been looking for a quality and affordable supplier for my needs and glad to find which is a premier fabricator of granite bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, Jacuzzi and more. 

What’s good about their products is the wide range of stone colors they have which can be a great help if you really want to choose the right shade for your needs. They offer customization so you’ll be assured that desired specifications will be done perfectly with 3 days turnaround time for your convenience. Now that I found this it will be cost friendly and easier for me to choose should we start the house makeover.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Right Job for Her

My friend in my daughter’s former school has luckily landed a good job in one of the best hospitals in the city next to our town. She thanked me endlessly because she believed that the part time job I gave her in ADB is a big factor in getting her current job. Actually the job that she’s referring to is not related to her college course because it’s a clerical job. I told her that she’s really for her current job because she’s a nurse and she belongs to the hospital. I was really happy with her job now because few years back she was planning to work abroad and try her luck there in any hospital staff job she can get because her sister works there also. 

Her sister believes in her so much that she wanted her to aim for even higher jobs like Medical or Health Services Manager Jobs but I told her that her 3 kids needs her care and attention here more than what money can buy with her future earnings abroad. I was actually worried that my advice would not sink in her mind as she’s already preparing her papers but God has other plans for her. She was called to report to the hospital that she applied for and in her interview she was only asked about her former job in the International Bank. She got hired and after a while she told me that she was given a regular item. She’s very happy about it and so do I.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Niece in Nursing Uniform

I’m glad to see my niece, daughter of my cousin who grew up in the same house with us. She was so sickly when she was a little girl that it feels so great seeing her with classmates in nursing uniforms. It fits her perfectly and I can say that she really looks good in her uniform. I’m still amazed every time she reads my blood pressure and advice me on how I can increase it to make it normal. Time flies so fast that the small girl I used to see playing in their house is now attending to hospital patients in her assigned duty.Now I'm thinking of my own kids and what they're going to do when they grow up.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nice Weekend

It’s always a special weekend to me If I spent it straight with my loved ones without any schedule or meeting with anyone outside. If I can make it possible I see to it that I don’t commit myself to any of my friends on Saturdays because weekends are the only days that I get to be with my Mom, husband and kids for long period of time because there are no classes and no office work. Today I’ve cooked a special homemade siomai to the delight of my kids especially my youngest son Josh who seems to favour the said food over his other favorite foods. He accompanied me to the market to help me carry my food bags because his sisters were still sleeping when I decided to buy ingredients for my planned food.

On our way back home I saw my high school friend ordered some hydraulic hose in one of the shops near the market and discussed about setting up a date with our other friends. It’s so good to see her again and hope to arrange the meet-up as soon as possible. She’s always busy and never attended any of our alumni gatherings and yearly dinner meetings. This year she hopes to be with us if the meeting date would be favourable to her work schedule.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Document Scanning and More

When we’re just starting we pay high amount for scanning some of our documents for our accreditation. We need it fast but due to small scanner of the store it took him awhile to finish all required documents for scanning. If only they had document scanning then it would be easier for us to finish our proposal for accreditation. Since we have our own now we can scan as much as we want and not be mindful of anything and it’s a lot cheaper than pay for the scanned projects. Hope in time we could also add up some more office equipment at work for convenience of submitting documents.

New Venue Ideas for December Camp Meeting

We’re planning a short trip to Baguio to assess the new prospective place for our December camp meeting fellowship. The place was offered by Mom’s friend and we just have to talk to the caretaker of the place just in case he’s renting it to others. It was a personal offer and we’re planning to go there to see if the house can accommodate 70 people on kitchen facilities, bath and bedding. It’s important to us to see the place first before we decide if we’re going to back out on our first venue where we already deposited a down payment. After we’re finished with the venue maybe we can go around the place for a quick tour and we can rest the whole period of our stay.

I still have to see if I can ask for leave and if my budget will allow an early vacation expenses for the whole family. Anyway I’m wondering if we’ll have to hire equestrian boots like in Tagaytay when my friend took advantage of horse riding there. I think there’s no need but still it can be a good idea. Hope we can plan everything out so when December comes in we’ll have all things carefully planned and set for. I’m excited and looking forward to our December camp meeting.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cell Phone Repair and More

We’ve collected several models and brands of cell phone throughout the years and some we kept for DH cell phone repair project in school. He need to have defective cell phones to study trouble shooting and repair and they will not pass the subject if they will not be able to restore the defective cell phones back to good running condition. It’s the same rules that their professors applies to their television and computer repair subjects. They will not get a grade unless they were able to repair appliances because it’s also a preparation next semester on their on-the-job training.

They were also taught on how and where to shop for spare parts and Cell phone accessories should they need to replace some parts on their cell phone project. They need to know the shops that will give them quality branded products at a discounted price they can afford. I’m getting interested in Electronics myself and if only has a chance I would also love to study it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Personalized Beach Towels

It’s my little boy’s birthday tomorrow and I’m thinking of nice gifts for him that would make him excited. He loves super heroes since he was a toddler and throughout these years I always give him things with super heroes theme or designs like coloring books, pencil case, school bags, shirts, toys and miniature characters. He really likes collecting all of them in his cabinet even until now that he’s in grade school. I’m having some thoughts now of having those cute superhero beach towels at Personal for him on his birthday tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure that he’ll love it and will want not just one but varied towel with different designs and characters. It’s not only good for his collection but good for his personal needs also like in his bath time. I’m guessing now what will going to be his choice for the super hero design, would it Spiderman or Iron Man? He can also choose among other characters there like Captain America, Thor, Hulk and others. He’s really excited now for tomorrow’s birthday.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchen Ideas

My friend is changing the look of her house due to her growing household.  When she and her husband were just starting a family there was no need for big dining and kitchen but now they need to renovate the two areas in their house because they have more kids and they're growing up fast.  Well now she needs kitchen ideas and I'm browsing some sites to help her.

It's always been us whom she asks for help whenever she wants to change something in her house. Though we're not interior designers we can look for bright ideas on how she can make it bigger.  I know that cabinets and cupboards can make a lot of difference to tidy things up and I found some nice and elegant designs from

Just highlighted some favorites here for her viewing and to note some for me too in case I have the money to renovate my own kitchen.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Safe Driving

My friend who lives in the rural area for quite some time called up to ask where to buy rzr parts for his ATV. He loves his vehicle just like his own son and he wants to ensure that he’ll be buying from a certified dealer of his needed accessories. He cares for total safety in every aspect of work he has chosen and of course on the vehicles that he’s driving so he’s looking for quality replacement parts for his ATV to ensure safe driving. He travels a lot on nearby towns so he really needs parts that will last for long.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dream Car

It’s been raining the whole week and I’m glad to welcome the weekend with bright sunshine. It’s hard to come to office on stormy days because you have to muster strength to get vehicles, commute and brave the strong winds and rains. I’m relieved when I reach the office as I can change shoes and put on my coat to be warm. Most of the times hubby would offer to drive me to my work but I always decline because the traffic is always at its peak and I’m not sure what time he could be back from my office to reach his class in school.

I also fear for flash floods that could make us stranded and will cause damage to our car. I heard that some cars who go through the floods have encountered trouble so I told hubby that I can take care of myself. I would be worried if something would happen to the car because it’s so expensive to bring the car in repair shops and it would take some time also. I just wonder how much more expensive it would be if it’s an rv repair. I guess running and maintaining a car like that would mean high maintenance but it’s all worth it anyway. It’s one of my dream cars and I always browse some sites for various models, who know time would come that I’ll be able to buy one for my family. My friends always tell me to dream big and high.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Quick Cash Advance

Sometimes no matter how organized and wise you are in managing your finances there will come a time that you’ll have a need for emergency cash. If it’s emergency cash we don’t want to make such a fuss or to wait for very long period of time to approve as we need the cash as soon as possible. If no one can lend you enough money you can look for agency or company that allows lending money just like check city cash advance which makes applying for loan a quick and easy thing to do. Just be sure that you have a regular job, a State ID and a checking account and expect your cash advance within 24 hours, hassle-free!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Activities

It’s weekend once again but I woke up very early to cook food for my daughter who has a retreat in one of the hills in nearby town. She’s so excited with the activities in lined for all the freshmen and I saw the same expression in her school mates. It’s all new for them and they’ve prepared a lot for this retreat. Her two siblings went with us so after we’ve left the place we dropped by the market and bought our three day supply of food. We got the best deals and I was so glad to try the famous place for fish marketing which I never thought would sell their goods at wholesale prices even for small quantity orders.

I love getting the best price for our basic necessities like food, clothes and supplies and discovering the mentioned place gave us another option where to go to on our weekly food shopping. If we will continue to buy there we will save some money for our other needs and wants like the lcd tvs samsung I was showing hubby the other day. He’s an expert with appliances and furniture that I always show and ask him what’s good for us. Anyway we still have quality televisions in the house so we can just wait until we’ve saved enough for additional tvs and other appliances to we need to replace old ones.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Protect their Teeth While Young

I want to instill proper care of teeth to my children early in their life because I don’t want them to have a problem with their dental health when they grow old. Teeth are one of the most important parts in our body so it should be given utmost care and attention. I heard from a friend that she’s getting a dental insurance quotes because she wants to ensure that when she grows older her teeth will be covered with an insurance protection. She’s right but I have to think about getting one as I still have to consult with our family dentist about that.

For now my kids will be fine if they will follow what I told them to do as I always believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So if they take good care of their teeth while they’re young they can avoid going to dentist for extraction or for some other procedures. They will be spared also of high expenses for dental services.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missing my Home Work Out Exercise

I really need to have some exercise or need to go back to my home work out. Since the day that I committed myself to work again in corporate world I haven’t had the time to allot some of my minutes to exercising. Before I had this new job I was working my way out to shed pounds and be fit at the same time. I was doing some online workout exercise 5 times a week on a one hour program from gospel aerobics and it’s doing my body a lot of favour. First I feel very healthy and fit, second I feel like I’m on my way to returning to my old slimmer form. I’m really determined then to continue the program as long as I can because it fits perfectly to my time and kind of workout I like most like cardio exercise, jumping and some aerobics.

I can’t do a real workout on a gym because I’m not allowed to carry heavy things or even used the likes of wrestling equipment but the online program recommended by my husband has done good changes in me. Sad now that I didn’t do any of those workout for more than two months now since I got so busy with office work and my online freelance writing. Anyway I’m still positive that in few weeks time I’ll be able to handle my schedules better and hoping to fit my workout into my hectic schedule. I should do this or I’ll be ballooning into a bigger version of myself.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Refreshing my IT Degree

I’ve graduated from college with degree in Computer Engineering but after several years of working I shifted from IT to Administration and Finance works. It’s an advantage for me as I can easily apply for work because I have varied knowledge in the operation of business with Human Resource experience and in Carrier Settlement in Telecoms Company. Sometimes even with various experiences on other fields of work I missed my IT jobs when I was just starting my career. Being on different field of work from my degree give me some worries if I apply again for IT jobs that’s why I’m thinking of enrolling in an online I T degree course to refresh my knowledge and update me on the latest in the field of information technology.

I cannot easily turn my back on my college degree and I still want to be part of IT in the  future  so this online I T degree course will surely help me a lot to pursue my plans. Well of course not only me but for those people like me who want to study IT courses but didn’t have time to enroll in a regular university. It will be a great chance to study further and return to having IT skills and knowledge. It’s my life before and I want to be part of IT again.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Everything New in My New Job

I canvassed for my office table in my new work on three home and office stores and finally got a nice one that’s functional and not very expensive. I actually love the deep cherry color and the compartments that fit the computer too. It’s a new design that combines both office tables with computer table making the new table acts as one. Now I have a new table, a new desktop computer, a new room and new filing cabinets. Everything is new with my new job and it’s because it’s a new company also and my room is the recent addition to the office.

Well I did some searching online before I visit the stores because it maximize my time and makes approval from the owner quick and easy. I get quotations through email and send purchase form through email also. What a wonderful online office world where you can get everything online just like the new home theatre system of my cousin. She got a very good deal from an online store and managed to squeeze her budget just to get her dream home theatre. It’s been a dream for her two years ago and now she can’t believe she have it now. Saw it myself and started to dream also.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adjusting to My New Work and Schedule

Feel so good today enjoying the holiday and the weather. I love drizzles when I’m home, makes me stay a bit longer in bed. It’s nice to spend long weekends because it recharges your body and mind for the coming work ahead of the week. The boys are out and it’s just me and the girls here with me together of course with Mom and sis. We’ve spent the day sleeping, resting, cooking favorite viands and pasta, doing assignments and watching television. I just started working in the afternoon because I have to do some research on cohiba cigars online and I don’t know anything about it.

Anyway all my tasks scheduled for writing today is not that hard so I’ll probably enjoy doing all these up to evening. I missed having blogging marathon like what I used to do when I’m just a work-at-home Mom when I will blog through the night until dawn. I don’t do that now because when I come home from office I don’t open my laptop but instead dedicate my time to the kids to ask them their day’s experiences, activities, lessons and assignments. 

I do my blogging early at dawn while I’m cooking and preparing their things in school. When I have many tasks to finish I schedule one day in a week when I will work up to midnight to finish them ahead of schedule and if due dates fall on weekend I spent Friday night writing them all. I’m starting to adjust to my new schedule and I’m glad that DH is also helping me with some of my online tasks.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stylish Medical Scrubs

I was passing through a first class hospital on my way to my office when I chanced upon a nurse wearing beautiful medical scrubs. She looks very fashionable in her uniform and it suits her young face. I’m glad that medical staff and professional can now be stylish with their working clothes unlike before when they would only wear those white immaculate uniforms. Well seeing them in clinical white clothes is really very professional and neat but it’s a nice change also to see them in pastel color for a change. I have this odd feeling of seeing white walls and white-clad staff in hospitals which sometimes make me feel frightened so this new trend in medical clothes make me feel comfortable even when I’m in hospitals.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

We seek the help of medical professional and staff to relieve us of pain and illness when we’re sick. We entrust our loved ones to them for security that they will heal them and give them back their healthy bodies. We feel safe and assured whenever we go our family doctor or our nearby community hospital because we know that we or our family will improve their condition. But sometimes instead of giving their patients relief and help they are being abused because of medical malpractices. 

Well if you’re one of these patients who suffered malpractice from the hands of medical staff there’s Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer which provides services for victims of mistaken services by medical professionals. The victims are worthy and entitled to a fair justice and also to any financial support coming from those who abused their sworn duties to heal not to hurt.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Building and Strengthening Our Bodies

Our family consist of different members and each of them has a designated function. They work together so that every one of them will be benefited and they value each one of them. Our body also consists of different parts which are formed or created for specific purposes and not just for display. We cannot lift things or even bend our head to toe parts if they are not supported with our muscles. Muscles in our body plays an important role in our untiring movements. By using muscle supplements the abilities of our muscles in various parts of our bodies are greatly strengthened and improved. 

These supplements also lessen our daily routine of muscle building activities or workouts in gym. Through the help of the experts involved in muscle building they come out with the report that there are best muscle building supplements available now in the market. This supplement brings fast development of our body muscles. Muscle performance becomes more dependable in our movements and most especially for our daily works.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Relaxing Garden

We can spend our relaxation time in some beautiful places near our homes without spending too much. There we can forget about our worries and be free from the busy world of crowded people. We can look for a park or places with beautiful garden and scenery that will ease our tiredness. Some places also have additional recreational area provided for our kids where little children can freely move in those gardens planted with lawn plants or grasses maintained with the honda lawn mowers. I think the villa resort we used to go to uses those kinds of lawn mowers because their garden’s landscape is quite admirable with perfect trimmed grasses. Maybe I should consider using those in the future if ever I would want a relaxing garden also.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enjoyable Shopping Experience

15th and 30th day of the month are the happiest and most awaited days especially by the workers and employees because these are their payday. Shopping malls and groceries in every side are full of customers shopping their family’s food and staple supplies for 1-2 weeks’ consumption. It’s one way of budgeting their money as they would have to wait for another 15 days before they can have money again. So anything they desire to buy they wait for the payday so they can accommodate it to their budgetary allocation.

As a shopper you value not only your money but also your time so shopping should be timely planned also. Of course a friendly customer assistance and fast customer service is a welcome also so an efficient symbol barcode scanner is highly appreciated as it promotes fast and easy reading of code and prices needed to facilitate quick processing of payment. I’ve always love shopping on high tech supermarkets with modern gadgets and machines to make shopping for goods an enjoyable experience.

Productive Years of Service

For twenty years of full length reliable service as a warehouseman in a progressive appliance and furniture retail store DH handled many responsibilities. He became more productive because the company and co-employees gave their support to him to enhance his capabilities. In return he gave his honest service and whole heart in doing his duties. He handled performance management software inventory systems, receiving of stocks from local and international suppliers, quality control and data inputs of all warehouse documents. 

His computer programming background also contributed to him in forecasting and handling the availability of stocks. All of these things he did with much perseverance and dedication until he decided to end his tenure and study again. His health faltered and was advised to get rest from hard work and because he doesn’t want to rest full time he decided to go back to studying to get a chance of a less physical work job in the future.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Comparison of Insurances

Everyone needs to feel safe and secured on his everyday dealing with life. That’s why most people get themselves life insurance so when they grow old and dies their family would not worry about finances. Kinds and nature of insurances varies but all have a goal to help protect and secured whatever is involved in the insurance contract. When I want to know about the kinds that I possibly would want to get I visit various sites to help me choose the right insurance. 

With their help comparison of term life insurance costs, rates and quotations can easily be done. You’ll save a lot as online comparison is easier than waiting for the hard copy of insurance quotations. Visit them now to see the rates offered by the top insurance companies and get to decide what is appropriate for your budget and style of living.

Friday, May 6, 2011

:FF/FTF: Cara Mia's Mango Sans Rival


This is the refreshing and yummy Mango Sans Rival from Cara Mia Gelateria in Missouri Square, Connecticut Greenhills, a crunchy meringue wafer layered with mango and sans rival gelato with sliced ripe mangoes and chocolate curls on top.
You can have this cake at Php550.00 per round cake.

Other equally delicious Cara Mia Gelato cakes are Choco Tartufo, Merry Berries, Choco Sans Rival, Banana Blast and Spumoni Surprise.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Securing Our Homes

When we go somewhere far to have vacation we always think of securing our house for possible illegal intruders that might enter it while we’re far away. It’s not that we didn’t have someone to watch the house when we go because we always hire someone to take care of it. Anyway I was thinking that home automation systems can be a good plan as it can provide automated security anytime. You can control your home even you’re in another place. My friend has been using this automation ever since because they’re always travelling. In all the time they’re away they didn’t experienced being robbed at. Well that’s the benefit of securing your home, you’ll have peace of mind.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Fit for Work

I’m going back to the office world full time and today I brought out my office working clothes to have an inventory of clothes to wear. I retired from working in corporate world almost two years ago and most of my office clothes don’t fit me anymore. Well that’s saddening for me as I don’t want to buy a whole wardrobe just for my new job. I want to replenish my cabinet but only a few clothes. Maybe what I need to do is lose some pounds so I can use my existing clothes. I’ve just read this sensa weight loss reviews and some other reviews but I’m still hesitant about trying without consulting my doctor. 

I still have to consult someone who can advice me on the best way I can be slimmer. I’ve tried workout exercises and it’s good but now I can only do it on weekends. Anyway for now I’ll just limit my intake of fatty and sweet foods and try to be mobile most of the time. Walking can help me also so I’ll walk few meters before coming in to my work. I know I can do it and since it’s not the best season for spending on clothes because of budget priorities I need to lose weight.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Benefits of Taking Vitamins

Two of my kids have chicken pox now and I’m convincing them that for them to recuperate fast they should try to eat even if they don’t have much appetite. I give them their ascorbic supplements so their small wounds would heal fast and they will have strong resistance against coughs and colds. Sometimes due to the heat and pain that results from having chicken pox they become so immune to other diseases like respiratory diseases.

Anyway even when you don’t have any sickness to heal taking the best vitamins will help your resistance strong and will keep you away from seasonal sicknesses. For ideas click here and get to see selection of the best vitamins for the kids and adults as well. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so it’s better to take care and live healthy than be saddled with sickness.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saving for Small Business Plans

My work now takes me out of my home for two to three days a week and as such I can do my online tasks every other day only. As of now I can handle it since hubby and the kids are on school vacation but I’m not that sure when the school opens. I really have to help a friend and I also missed working in office. Since it’s summer vacation I don’t experience difficulty in getting transportation to work and the traffic is bearable also so I accepted the job. It’s better now than putting up a small business because it will take too much of my time especially if it’s a food business we’re planning about. 

I’m thinking about of alternative business aside from food just like my friend who is into small business phone systems now. She loves every minute of it and she’s looking forward to a good return of her investments. I’m happy for her and hope that within this year we could decide on what type of small business we could get into. Now we’re into saving some money for our planned business so when the time comes that we want to start it we’ll have capital funds for its start up expenses.

Friday, April 8, 2011

:FF/FTF#31: Pizza

I’m craving for this one now as I'm going to work until late nights.  We had this few days back as our afternoon snack and the kids love it so much.  We’re a family of pizza lover and we  love PH's pizzas any flavor, anytime, anywhere.  Must get one of these soon to satisfy my cravings. For now I prefer super supreme or the stuffed crust one.  

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

Just few weeks more and we’ll again celebrate Mother’s Day and because Mom likes being pampered on special occasions I’m searching for a unique and special gift for her on the forthcoming special day for Moms like me. It’s nice window shopping online because you’ll get to see best gift ideas for specific person you want to give gifts. Best of all you’ll not waste time and effort rounding up malls and stores just to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

I’m now thinking back to what my Mom always telling me about this and that. I know she told me last month the kinds that she want to receive on special occasions. Now I’m browsing through some pretty little accessories that Mom loves and maybe I will just choose from it for mothers day gifts for mom or look for another sweet and sentimental gift. For my own I know my kids are doing some little planning just to let me know that I’m special to them. Feels good to be Mom!

Friday, April 1, 2011

:FF/FTF: Seoul Barbecue Restaurant Foods

 Win, Me, Riss, Osang and Sir Bob
 Sesame Chicken
 Sweet and Spicy Anchovies
 I think this is Kimchi

These pics are from Sir Bob's birthday last December.  I was so late in posting but anyway it's not so late to share how we all felt that day especially Riss, Osang and I who left the company for years now.  It's almost two years when I resigned to work at home and spend my time writing personal and paid posts.  It's hard to say goodbye they say but we must do it sometimes to welcome new opportunities coming our way.  It's a heart-felt mini reunion of old BT&T and I was touched by our dear boss' text message after the lunch treat.

Before I forget these are the foods that we ate there.  Seoul Barbecue is one of my boss' favorite restaurant venue when he wants to treat or meet us.  I still have to update this as to the names of the foods above, can't figure out the name now as I'm hurrying up to go to my work so I just named it myself.  Well I know Japchae as it's my fave in Seoul Barbecue and the chicken. with sesame seed.  Some are too hot for my taste :D

Btw the cake on the front of my boss is Contis' Yummy Mango Bravo!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Natural Healing and Herbal Treatment

My Mom loves reading books and her favourites include health and inspirational books. She has collections of these two varieties and never fails to read them always. When my kids get sick she would always give first-aid treatment and advices on natural herbal treatment. She even knows the best remedies for skin and hair problems and recommends tips on choosing skin lotions and hair loss products which proved to be very effective on our relatives. Know what? Her father who happens to be my grandfather also knows a lot about water and herbal treatment on several sicknesses in his time. So probably she got it from his father and we’re the lucky recipients!

Couch Potato

My cousin bought a new 42” LCD TV last week when she found a good deal online. I know that she’s reading some 3d tv reviews before she bought but I never thought that she’s serious about buying one immediately. She’s a couch potato and I know that having a high-definition TV will make her happier now. 

Since she gave birth to her 3rd baby last December she was not able to go back to work and watching shows on television fills her day. She told me that she’s looking for a new job now but she’s very choosy about work location because it will be hard for her now if her work area is very far from her house. I can very well relate to her dilemma as I’ve experienced it all when I was still on corporate office job.

Friday, March 25, 2011

:FF/FTF - Tokwa't Baboy in Tausi (Pork & Tofu in Black Beans)

This dish is one of my fave recipes as most of my entries here :D  I love dozens of tofu recipes and this is one of them.  For me tofu is one amazing food that I can mix with veggies, chicken, fish and pork.  In this recipe I have tofu, pork pigue, black beans, onion, garlic, pepper, salt (optional) and sugar. I prepared tofu chicharon first and set it aside.  Just saute onion, garlic and put pork.  Wait until pork is tender then add black beans without the sauce as it might be too salty.  Add tofu chicharon, pepper, pinch of salt and sugar to taste (around 2 Tbsp).  That's it, so easy and very yummy.

Some use tenga ng baboy (pig ears) for crunchy taste instead of pork pigue or kasim.  Sometimes they combine both.  It depends on your taste and creativity.  

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