Friday, January 28, 2011

:FF/FTF: Fruit & Macaroni Salad

I'm craving for these! These were some of our new year desserts we made for the midnight dinner and on all occasions in the house. The kids love fruit salad while the adults love macaroni chicken salad. I love both and all kinds of salad, anyway we sometimes mix the two while eating lol! On New Year dinner we prepare more desserts than viands. Along with these two we had my specialty - refrigerated cake and leche flan. You can see now that we all have sweet tooth :D

Mobile Working

One of the best things I’ve bought from my online salary is my laptop because it’s so convenient to use. I can also bring it anywhere I like especially if there’s trouble with my internet connection. I’ll just bring it to where I can have fast connection and I can work with all the files I need. We always frequent MIL’s house on free days and it’s better to bring mobile computers on travel. Still on travel I want to have light baggage so I’m thinking of buying a notebook computer just like what my little sister had done almost a year ago. It’s even more comfortable having it around because it’s lighter. I’ve canvassed last week and from my calculations it will have to wait for months because I have to concentrate on saving for my 3 kids.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Job Hunting Month

It’s the first month of the year and from what I remembered in my human resources work stint it’s the best month for renewing and applying work. There are many job opportunities at the start of the year so it’s best to look for better job opportunities in different field like administrative, accounting, finance, business development and in many other field of work. Some employees who were not satisfied with their current job usually leave their work after holiday season and look for jobs at the starting days of the year.

Whether it’s an outsourcing job, managerial or supervisory it’s still the peak of job hunting. Well it doesn’t include event planning jobs because events and special occasions are there whole year round. One of the most important thing when you have a job like that is to broaden your contact list, friends and relatives that will recommend your ability to make simple and grand event worth remembering for.

Friday, January 21, 2011

:FF/FTF: Fiesta Ham

This is the fiesta ham we had last holidays and we love having them several days of that festive season. This delicious ham from Purefoods can be served with lettuce, mayo, salsa and cheese sauce.  It can also be a hawaiian style or Aloha with pineapple wedges and teriyaki sauce.  You can think of several ways on how to serve and enjoy this yummy ham.

I prefer the above picture which is our own way of having it for breakfast.  Mom just fried it and it's ready for our stomach. Actually I love it most with sandwiches and tomatoes.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organizing Kitchen Things

We’ve cooked again for our church mates in our bible study. I’ve cooked pancit for 50 people yesterday night and I’m glad that even though it’s my first time to cook that kind I passed it. I’m used to cooking pasta and viands but yesterday we decided to cook a different menu, one that I wasn’t used to. As my cooking was again successful I’m preparing myself for another cooking in two months time. This morning I’ve cleaned all the things used yesterday and placed in the cupboards with the aid of kitchen step stools which help me reach things on high cabinets.

I always want my kitchen things and accessories organized so after the party or celebration I see to it that I arranged all used items and equipment. Organized things help me locate what I need easier and faster. It also relaxes my mind to see my things in the right order. Anyway I did some inventory too and listed some cutlery and cooking utensils to buy in the coming weeks.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vacation Before Summer

We talked about our vacation in summer and I’m not so sure about the date because I don’t want it to fall near the enrolment. I want to take things one at a time and I want to save the money for my 3 kids’ school fees. Earlier would be better so we can budget our finances with time allowances. I’m not talking about grand vacation like getting Outer Banks vacation rentals but a simple one in the Northern part of the country.

Actually we’re just accompanying our church mates and we have a goal other than vacation in going there. We’ll have to make reservation for our camp meeting there at the end of this year. Our Pastor wants us to accompany them and to help them talk to the owner of the house or place we’re going to rent. I’m still undecided whether to bring the 3 kids or the youngest only. Hope we’ll make it earlier before the real summer vacation.

Pregnancy Pounds

My cousin who recently gained too many pounds after giving birth asked me if I know where she can find a  Diet pill outlet that will give her safe and effective pills for losing weight. Well I should be the last person to ask because I didn’t know where to find that. I told her to consult her doctor about it because she’s currently breastfeeding and as such she should be careful with her intake of medicines. Since she has plans of working also in her home I told her not to rush things and be careful with what she eats because it will affect her baby too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

FF/FTF: Black Forest Cake

It's my birthday cake last month, Black Forest cake from Red Ribbon and even though my fave is Chocolate Mousse I'm always trying out new products from them.  It's now a new product but the kids choose this cake and I succumbed to their choice.  Actually I was ordering Mango Cake at that time but they run out of stock so I settled for this. This mouth-watering liquor-moistened chocolate cake, brimming with cherries, cream and generous strips of chocolate shavings can really satisfy your cravings for delicious cake.  I'll try their new flavors next time!

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On Grilled Foods

I love eating grilled foods but when I learned that burnt foods are bad toxins for the body I started being careful how the foods are being cooked. I’ve done some research and learned that it also includes vegetables as well. I like to eat semi-raw vegetables but now I’m very cautious with raw foods. I know now that it’s very important to protect your colon from getting harmed by the foods that you eat everyday to protect yourself from incurring colon cancer.  Well there are still more factors causing that disease but being health-conscious can prevent us from being sick. It’s also advisable to think about getting the right colon cleanser to clear your body from bad toxins like mucoid plaque and others. 

It’s better to be safe than sorry meaning it’s good to know the prevention than subject yourself from treatment in the future. Like now when I eat grilled foods I see to it that it’s cooked properly and not burnt. Some of my friends love their grilled pork and chicken burnt because it’s more delicious when cooked like that but when they heard what I’ve researched they refrained from eating burnt foods.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wise Shopper

It’s the first month of the year and the holidays are finished already but I’ve been busy this week shopping for my daughter’s 12th birthday. She invited her classmates and we hosted our weekly bible study so I had to cook for around 70 guests. My daughter accompanied me when I completed the groceries for her pasta, chicken and desserts. I laughed at her when she asked me that she would scan all goods at the barcode scanner provided for grocers at the middle of the store. We use it to verify missing prices before we finally bring the whole cart to cashier. 

It’s a great help because sometimes the price changed and the staff forgot to change the label sticker on the product. I’m a wise shopper and I always look at the prices before buying the items. Actually my Mom used to say that I’m memorizing the prices of my groceries always. Anyway in a way it’s true because it’s useful to know the prices to compare it to other stores. It pays a lot of savings when you know where you can buy the lowest-priced goods of the same brand.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Work Aid

My brother is into construction and when their work is at the critical stage they can’t work during brownouts that’s why he’s thinking of buying portable generator which he can use anywhere like the honda generators eu3000is which he knows is of good quality make. He needs a real tough one because he has plans of moving it along with his other tools wherever his project leads him to. I’m happy that he always has many residential building projects to do and on his free time he’s supervising his new blueprint business with family.

Friday, January 7, 2011

FF/FTF: My Birthday

My Birthday Foodies

This is a late posting of my birthday, previous month was really very busy.  I had a pre-birthday celebration at my bestfriend's house last Dec. 17.  It was Jen who cooked the chicken and veggies while I cooked the pasta and pork liempo.  Together with her family, my family and our high school friends we had a happy and simple celebration of my birthday ahead of my real birthday on the 21st.  We feasted on cream puffs, pork liempo, fried chicken, chicken in special garlic and ginger sauce, cauliflower veggies, lumpiang shanghai, spaghetti and fruit on ice.

I had a different celebration on my real birthday at the mall and resto with my family.
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