Friday, January 14, 2011

On Grilled Foods

I love eating grilled foods but when I learned that burnt foods are bad toxins for the body I started being careful how the foods are being cooked. I’ve done some research and learned that it also includes vegetables as well. I like to eat semi-raw vegetables but now I’m very cautious with raw foods. I know now that it’s very important to protect your colon from getting harmed by the foods that you eat everyday to protect yourself from incurring colon cancer.  Well there are still more factors causing that disease but being health-conscious can prevent us from being sick. It’s also advisable to think about getting the right colon cleanser to clear your body from bad toxins like mucoid plaque and others. 

It’s better to be safe than sorry meaning it’s good to know the prevention than subject yourself from treatment in the future. Like now when I eat grilled foods I see to it that it’s cooked properly and not burnt. Some of my friends love their grilled pork and chicken burnt because it’s more delicious when cooked like that but when they heard what I’ve researched they refrained from eating burnt foods.


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