Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organizing Kitchen Things

We’ve cooked again for our church mates in our bible study. I’ve cooked pancit for 50 people yesterday night and I’m glad that even though it’s my first time to cook that kind I passed it. I’m used to cooking pasta and viands but yesterday we decided to cook a different menu, one that I wasn’t used to. As my cooking was again successful I’m preparing myself for another cooking in two months time. This morning I’ve cleaned all the things used yesterday and placed in the cupboards with the aid of kitchen step stools which help me reach things on high cabinets.

I always want my kitchen things and accessories organized so after the party or celebration I see to it that I arranged all used items and equipment. Organized things help me locate what I need easier and faster. It also relaxes my mind to see my things in the right order. Anyway I did some inventory too and listed some cutlery and cooking utensils to buy in the coming weeks.


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