Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vacation Before Summer

We talked about our vacation in summer and I’m not so sure about the date because I don’t want it to fall near the enrolment. I want to take things one at a time and I want to save the money for my 3 kids’ school fees. Earlier would be better so we can budget our finances with time allowances. I’m not talking about grand vacation like getting Outer Banks vacation rentals but a simple one in the Northern part of the country.

Actually we’re just accompanying our church mates and we have a goal other than vacation in going there. We’ll have to make reservation for our camp meeting there at the end of this year. Our Pastor wants us to accompany them and to help them talk to the owner of the house or place we’re going to rent. I’m still undecided whether to bring the 3 kids or the youngest only. Hope we’ll make it earlier before the real summer vacation.


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