Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wise Shopper

It’s the first month of the year and the holidays are finished already but I’ve been busy this week shopping for my daughter’s 12th birthday. She invited her classmates and we hosted our weekly bible study so I had to cook for around 70 guests. My daughter accompanied me when I completed the groceries for her pasta, chicken and desserts. I laughed at her when she asked me that she would scan all goods at the barcode scanner provided for grocers at the middle of the store. We use it to verify missing prices before we finally bring the whole cart to cashier. 

It’s a great help because sometimes the price changed and the staff forgot to change the label sticker on the product. I’m a wise shopper and I always look at the prices before buying the items. Actually my Mom used to say that I’m memorizing the prices of my groceries always. Anyway in a way it’s true because it’s useful to know the prices to compare it to other stores. It pays a lot of savings when you know where you can buy the lowest-priced goods of the same brand.


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