Monday, February 28, 2011

Keeping in Touch with a Friend

I had a surprise message in my instant messenger last week by a good lady friend from former job. Ritch as I fondly call her asked me about updates as we haven’t seen and talked for more than a year now. We missed each other. She’s now in a different job and she didn’t know that I made PB my full-time job at home. It was great chatting with her and memories of our good times together in one company came rushing back. We were actually separated by office location as she was assigned in our ADB booth selling prepaid cards and I was at the main office to help her whenever she needs some technical support. 

Well few hours were not enough to catch up so we promised we’ll stay in touch with updates on phone numbers too. I also need to have some document scanning on some confidential documents that I will have to send her. Since I don’t have a facsimile machine in my home office I’ll just email the scanned document file to her and she’ll just print it on her office. Anyway we’re arranging some transactions now and hope it will push through.

French Fries Cravings at Night

Craving for this one now but I know it's too late for me to eat this if ever I can buy one because I have to discipline myself at eating heavy meals at nights especially at this time of the night lol! Anyway I really like KFC French Fries with big cuts and all! But they say try to avoid eating it at midnight snack because it's heavy on calories.  Actually it's not really right to eat midnight snacks when you're on the overweight side hahaha! Ok I'll eat this in the morning instead!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Home with Inquisitive Little Boy

It’s nice to be home working especially when all the kids are free from school activities. Today is a holiday because of the 25th anniversary of EDSA Revolution and I’ve watched news about it with kids telling them where am I when that happened and all the facts I know about that historical event. We talked about many things and the most inquisitive among them was the little boy. He asked about all things that he heard of and became very interested when I told them what happened in our university after that EDSA revolt. Our university president is a cousin of the ousted President and he was replaced after that momentous event. 

Our university had great changes since then and we were very thankful for that day which helped not only our country but our own university also. Anyway while I was talking about it my little boy was so serious listening to me that I suddenly joked if he’s going to ask me some more questions. This boy is always curious about something and I will not be surprised if some other time he’ll ask me about nodular acne because he’s reading my blogs sometimes and he might read some of my task assignment and reviews. Oh boy! My sister who is so fond of him always tells me that my little boy will make someone nose bleed with his 101 questions lol! Sometimes it’s really hard to answer his questions and you will think if he’s really a 7-year old kid only.

:FF/FTF: Seafood Caesar Supreme

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This is Burgoo's Seafood Caesar Supreme we ate at Burgoo in Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center last birthday lunch of my friend Jen with other friends Zanne and Kaje.  This is the traditional Caesar salad I always order in many other restaurants.  This one is topped with grilled baby prawns, crab meat, fried calamari and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.  This one is really good as it has the right ingredients I want, anyway I'm not much of a picky eater when it comes to salad because I love all kinds of salad :D

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy in School Activities

The kids are doing their projects now for the last grading period of this school year and I know that they’re having busy days now. The busiest kid is Gen because she’s graduating from primary school and they’re finishing their projects and tests earlier so they can have graduation practice next month. Graduation will be on the first week of April. I told her that after her graduation we’ll be going on a little vacation somewhere. It’s not something like a cruise vacation but an enjoyable and relaxing one also. Maybe someday if we can save enough funds we can all go to their Auntie’s place in Europe and have our vacation there. That would be an ideal vacation because we will have someone to guide us.

Historie Rotating Bed

This one caught my attention as I browse some new modern furniture at Farrelli. This Historie Round Bed is not only stylish and glamorous but fun too because it also rotates. No need to move its position as it's much easier to rotate than move yourself lol! It has light spots on the nightstands top and also on the headboard shelves. It's made of natural wood veneer and has a linear back unit for storage. The headboard is upholstered and has a round spring orthopedic mattress. Best of all it looks very elegant and at the same time comfortable too.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Controlling Appetite

DH biked his way to school to follow Josh in his last practice for field demo. The little boy wrote something to bring on his assignment notebook and we didn’t know what it was. DH asked for it in small bookstores and found one in the town next to us. It's not available in the mall bookstore that’s why he searched for the supply in mini bookstores. He brought it to Josh school and run an errand for me on his way home. He liked bringing the bike when he’s looking for something. It would be hard bringing the car because he’ll be worrying about parking. The streets are still narrow in the town next to us so he’ll just consume his time looking for parking area. 

I told DH that I also want to use bike on my free time as it’s also a good form of exercise. I’ve been having cardio and other workout exercise and as much as I could I really want to do everything to be able to return to doing things that would make me feel healthy and fit. Some of my friends resorted to generic Phentermine because it suppress appetite that helps them control their cravings. 
Maybe it’s good for them but I think I will not be able to handle it because if I suppress my appetite I will lose it in time. Then I will not be able to cook good dishes also for my family. Losing appetite prevents me from thinking of good food to serve to my family. So If I’m not going to take this one maybe I’ll just stick to an hour of workout at least 4 times a week and my healthy meal recipes.

Queens Contemporary Dining Set

This one is so beautiful and neat that it can also be used as my working table when I want to work in the dining room lol! This Queens Contemporary Dining Set is not only elegant and charming but so practical that it provides additional space that can extend the surface of the table.  It provides adjustable height with the help of its Romanesque metallic legs.  The chairs are very comfortable and can be folded up.  It's ideal for families who need more space for other appliances or furniture. Available at

Learning to Protect Herself

DD has a very sensitive skin on her feet and on cold weather it dries out easily. I bought her a cream to protect it and I told her to put a moisturizing lotion that will prevent it from drying. It started when she was on her preparatory and we’ve been very protective of her feet ever since. I’m glad she never had because that would be hard for me. 

My Auntie suffered from that skin disease and she had a hard time curing it. Now that DD is already in secondary school I told her to bear in mind that she must always protect her feet from any harm because complications may arise if she didn’t follow my advice. Based from my observation I noticed that she’s learned to protect herself now and doing all that I taught her. I know that in time she’ll never have to worry about her feet’s condition.

Inspiration By Room : Kitchen

The kitchen is my favorite nook in the house, it is where I spend most of my day to cook and prepare food for my family aside from my blogging work.  I want to renovate it so I can have a new design where I can organize things and appliances.   I visited Kraftmaid for ideas and inspirations.  As always I spent plenty of time browsing theough room inspirations and I stopped at the kitchen ideas. Here are some of what I got from them.

The First Grandson

My nephew is having what most adolescent kids is experiencing. He’s having some acne now and I just realized that my nephew is really a grown young man now. He’s asking about the best acne products that I know so I searched to give him options. Sometimes I smiled reminiscing that this kid of my brother used to be like my own kid. When I was still single he would be at our house whenever I have free day from office and it’s usually over the weekend. He’s the first grandson and we’re so fond of him. My nanny days to him stopped when I got married and had my own kids. Still we always want him here in the house and until now when we’re out of town he’s the one who stays with my Mom for few days.

Skipped Food Meme

I failed to join in my favorite food meme yesterday due to busy schedule and bad colds. When I finally started working it’s late for me to post and submit my entry. I felt bad about it because it’s the only weekly meme that I was able to maintain and still failed this week. Anyway I promised to do it early in the morning to avoid being late again. If only I have my desired HTC HD7 now I could at least do some email, tweets and even write short post even without using my computer. 

That one is included in my wish list and I think the right for me among the various cell phones that I browsed online. My brother has it now given his church mate from USA few months ago. He actually let me browse its features and I told him the features that I want in it. He doesn’t even know some of the features that I mentioned to him. Now he’s getting used to it and enjoying every minute of having it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

:FF/FTF: Homemade Pork Chicharon

This is my own homemade pork which I made from pork skin and some meat too.  My family love it more than commercial ones because it's made with more meat and not just fat and skin.  They can be assured also that it's clean, properly dried and cooked.  More often I don't dry the skin outside, I just let it boil in water,  salt and spices and wait until tender then I fry it.  When it's fully cooked and  has a light brown color already I sprinkle cold water on it.  For what? To make it crunchy and to be a real chicharon.  Now even if I cooked a kilo or two of this delectable food it's always not enough for us lol!
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Emergency Road Service

We had a nice time chatting over high school memories and updates on our families last Saturday. It’s our friend’s birthday and she cooked some delicious food for us. She was really tired from that but she managed anyway. One of us brought a car so we were so comfortable on our way home. It’s convenient to travel on your own car or ride in a friend’s car than commuting but sometimes driving requires lot of patience. This is especially true when roads are not in good condition, if there are traffic jams or if you will have to need emergency road service in the middle of the expressway. This is what I’m always telling to my husband so he will not need any help on the road. On every travel it’s important to check your car and all the essential things needed to travel, be it near or far.

Just Like a New Recipe

Because of my urgent need to lose excess pounds I have to read health books and learn recipes that contain less fat. I’m now on my second week of fish, vegetable and fruit diet with rice only on breakfast and lunch. I’m actually loving my healthy meals as it’s light on the stomach and makes me feel very healthy indeed. I just need to explore more healthy meals for me so I wouldn’t be eating same food weekly. It’s not so exciting to eat the same food all over again even if it’s healthy just like having the same phones for several years. You can get tired from using it and features would be limited as time goes by. 

Now I’m getting excited over these new finds I got online and of course I jotted them all on my wish list. How can I resist the urge to wish and save for htc sense which has the qualities I’m looking for. It has super fast download, connect quickly to Internet and let you view videos on You Tube or movies with high-resolution 3.7” screen. And just like any new recipe that I learned and developed this phone will surely be a favorite in our house.

Friday, February 4, 2011

:FF/FTF: Lechon Paksiw

This is the lechon paksiw cooked from lechon's leftover from New Year.  We had this and many other recipes when we spent our day on the beach with our church mates.  We always spend the first day of the year together in picnic park, swimming resort or at the beach.   We always bring our food from New Year's eve dinner celebration so we actually don't cook for this kind of activity.  Anyway since I crave for fish we dropped by the wholesale fish port and bought some fish to satisfy our cravings.  I found out that it's so much cheaper buying there, we bought a kilo of tilapia fish for P70-P80 whereas it sells at P100-P110 at regular markets.

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Apartment Renovations

Our tenant for over ten years has finally found a place of his own and bid goodbye to us. He’s more like a family to us as we’ve grown closer to each other. We’re happy that he has finally settled himself to his own house. Now we’re having some minor renovations to our apartment to get it ready for the next tenant which we hope to be as nice as the previous family. I manage the renovation and from time to time I go to the apartment to check what’s being repaired. I’m glad that there are few to be replaced like the two doors at the front and bedroom and the knobs. I noted that the bathroom faucet is still in good shape and the kitchen has no broken tiles. Our carpenter is still doing the doors and will do the painting tomorrow. I hope the next tenant will be able to move in on Sunday or Monday.