Saturday, February 19, 2011

Controlling Appetite

DH biked his way to school to follow Josh in his last practice for field demo. The little boy wrote something to bring on his assignment notebook and we didn’t know what it was. DH asked for it in small bookstores and found one in the town next to us. It's not available in the mall bookstore that’s why he searched for the supply in mini bookstores. He brought it to Josh school and run an errand for me on his way home. He liked bringing the bike when he’s looking for something. It would be hard bringing the car because he’ll be worrying about parking. The streets are still narrow in the town next to us so he’ll just consume his time looking for parking area. 

I told DH that I also want to use bike on my free time as it’s also a good form of exercise. I’ve been having cardio and other workout exercise and as much as I could I really want to do everything to be able to return to doing things that would make me feel healthy and fit. Some of my friends resorted to generic Phentermine because it suppress appetite that helps them control their cravings. 
Maybe it’s good for them but I think I will not be able to handle it because if I suppress my appetite I will lose it in time. Then I will not be able to cook good dishes also for my family. Losing appetite prevents me from thinking of good food to serve to my family. So If I’m not going to take this one maybe I’ll just stick to an hour of workout at least 4 times a week and my healthy meal recipes.


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