Friday, February 4, 2011

:FF/FTF: Lechon Paksiw

This is the lechon paksiw cooked from lechon's leftover from New Year.  We had this and many other recipes when we spent our day on the beach with our church mates.  We always spend the first day of the year together in picnic park, swimming resort or at the beach.   We always bring our food from New Year's eve dinner celebration so we actually don't cook for this kind of activity.  Anyway since I crave for fish we dropped by the wholesale fish port and bought some fish to satisfy our cravings.  I found out that it's so much cheaper buying there, we bought a kilo of tilapia fish for P70-P80 whereas it sells at P100-P110 at regular markets.

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

i like!!

Cheerful said...

yum! isa sa mga nakakamiss sa pinas...lechon paksiw! happy food trip friday! :)

maiylah said...

yummmm...that looks good! perfect with rice! :)

Jay-agent112778 said...

i like, i miss, but ill eat the lean meat only

heres my Food Trip Friday Entry

heres my Food Friday Entry

Jen said...

miss ko n yan sa pinas .')

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

That is really yummy but due to my diet plan I don't think I can eat that. LOL

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