Friday, February 25, 2011

Home with Inquisitive Little Boy

It’s nice to be home working especially when all the kids are free from school activities. Today is a holiday because of the 25th anniversary of EDSA Revolution and I’ve watched news about it with kids telling them where am I when that happened and all the facts I know about that historical event. We talked about many things and the most inquisitive among them was the little boy. He asked about all things that he heard of and became very interested when I told them what happened in our university after that EDSA revolt. Our university president is a cousin of the ousted President and he was replaced after that momentous event. 

Our university had great changes since then and we were very thankful for that day which helped not only our country but our own university also. Anyway while I was talking about it my little boy was so serious listening to me that I suddenly joked if he’s going to ask me some more questions. This boy is always curious about something and I will not be surprised if some other time he’ll ask me about nodular acne because he’s reading my blogs sometimes and he might read some of my task assignment and reviews. Oh boy! My sister who is so fond of him always tells me that my little boy will make someone nose bleed with his 101 questions lol! Sometimes it’s really hard to answer his questions and you will think if he’s really a 7-year old kid only.


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