Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Like a New Recipe

Because of my urgent need to lose excess pounds I have to read health books and learn recipes that contain less fat. I’m now on my second week of fish, vegetable and fruit diet with rice only on breakfast and lunch. I’m actually loving my healthy meals as it’s light on the stomach and makes me feel very healthy indeed. I just need to explore more healthy meals for me so I wouldn’t be eating same food weekly. It’s not so exciting to eat the same food all over again even if it’s healthy just like having the same phones for several years. You can get tired from using it and features would be limited as time goes by. 

Now I’m getting excited over these new finds I got online and of course I jotted them all on my wish list. How can I resist the urge to wish and save for htc sense which has the qualities I’m looking for. It has super fast download, connect quickly to Internet and let you view videos on You Tube or movies with high-resolution 3.7” screen. And just like any new recipe that I learned and developed this phone will surely be a favorite in our house.


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