Monday, February 28, 2011

Keeping in Touch with a Friend

I had a surprise message in my instant messenger last week by a good lady friend from former job. Ritch as I fondly call her asked me about updates as we haven’t seen and talked for more than a year now. We missed each other. She’s now in a different job and she didn’t know that I made PB my full-time job at home. It was great chatting with her and memories of our good times together in one company came rushing back. We were actually separated by office location as she was assigned in our ADB booth selling prepaid cards and I was at the main office to help her whenever she needs some technical support. 

Well few hours were not enough to catch up so we promised we’ll stay in touch with updates on phone numbers too. I also need to have some document scanning on some confidential documents that I will have to send her. Since I don’t have a facsimile machine in my home office I’ll just email the scanned document file to her and she’ll just print it on her office. Anyway we’re arranging some transactions now and hope it will push through.


Anonymous said...

hi racel! wow, didn't think you would blog about our chat last week. =) but i really enjoyed it and now you have given me insight on how to go about blogging. =) let's do keep in touch! miss you, friend. God bless...

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